17-09-2017 - 23-09-2017
Those in the business sector will experience stiff competition. You will have to squeeze your profits to withstand the competition. You may be tempted to compromise with quality to remain competitive. All those in the employment sector will have to work for extended hours. Around midweek, Venus moves to the dual natured, earthly Sign of Virgo, in the 6th House. Entry of Venus in the 6th House is to ease pressure for employees. In regards to health, there is a strong possibility of an injury in the lower half of the body. Too many planets are in the 6th House and under influence of Saturn indicate that falling ill is kind of inevitable here. Over the weekend the Sun moves into its Sign of debilitation, Libra in the 7th House. The debilitated Sun and Jupiter in the 7th House will not be supportive for marital harmony.