23-07-2017 - 29-07-2017
Sun moved to its own Sign Leo, over the weekend. Now, there is a cluster of 5 planets traversing through the 5th House from your Sign. This is a major planetary event, also known as a Stellium. These cosmic events have the tendency to go to extremes – of either way – positive or negative. Hence, you now need to be very careful of any excesses, specifically in areas related to kids (yours or others’), conception, new ventures, new launches, creative projects etc. Don’t make new friends for now. Steer clear of any novel situations, if possible. Postpone any surgeries, you may have scheduled. If you happen to lean on spirituality, this is a good time to follow your path, as this will bring you exhilaration, promises Ganesha. You will be passionate about your work. Allow the New Moon this week to slow you down, though. Feel refreshed and take a break! Mid-week, Mercury moves to Virgo, the 6th House from your Sign. Be careful in your communication with your boss or colleagues. Guard against a throat infection. And, remember – keep a cool head, in all you do.