Astrology - CANCER

This Week

14-05-2017 – 20-05-2017

Misunderstandings in a committed relationship may cause heart-ache and confusion, as the week begins. Don’t push matters. Rather, deal tactfully, and wait for a better time to address the core issues, suggests Ganesha. Look at the other person’s point of view, as this will help you see the holes in your ways. However, it’s likely that you may detach yourself from the situation. Well, the ball is in your court! At work, you may look for ingenious way to boost sales. Planetary positions shall favor you by facilitating encouraging results from a new strategy. You shall remain in a comfortable position on the financial front. Stress, though, may affect your health. Ones dealing with nagging health issues will also need to manage their lifestyle and diet. Over the weekend, Sun shifts into Gemini – to join the company of Mars, already stationed therein.

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