23-07-2017 - 29-07-2017
The Solar eclipse in Leo, along with the traversing cluster of planets there – the 2nd House from your Sign - does not augur well for your financial and domestic realm. There may be a family conflict that may take head now. Legal issues in inheritance related arguments are likely. Expenses may increase, and you may also need to lend some money to a family member. There will be a lot of activity in these two areas, so on your own, you will need to act with restraint, says Ganesha. Haste, anger, over excitement will only make matters tougher. If nothing seems to help, better take a roundabout, rather than facing issues head on. Or, stay on the sidelines. Around midweek, Mercury shifts to its own Sign Virgo, 3rd from your Sign. Pressure ease; you think logically. Business projects move ahead. Health may suffer, owing to all the stress. So, take care. Guard against infections.