Astrology - CAPRICORN

This Week

14-05-2017 – 20-05-2017

With Moon in your Sign, you shall now take stock of your achievements and plan for more monetary gains. However, with Saturn in a retrograde mode, posited in the 12th House (indicative of losses and expenses) from your Sign, you will need to be very disciplined and careful in your approach to handle money. No financial risks! Expenses may be on the rise. Keep due reserves for special needs and emergencies. Check your tendency to spend on buying unnecessary stuff. Also ensure, when you spend, your money is well spent – i.e. check doubly each good you buy, or keep an eye on a new employee you hire etc. Mercury shifts to Taurus, around midweek. Married ones keen to conceive and raise a family shall be supported by the cosmic skies. Ones who are already parents shall be elated on seeing their child succeeding.

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