Astrology - GEMINI

This Week

14-05-2017 – 20-05-2017

Some legal matters, specifically concerning an inheritance, come to the fore, as the week begins. You may be in for some monetary gains in the coming times, indicate the stars. As of now, though, have patience and keep a calm stance. Around mid-week, the ruler of your Sign Mercury re-enters Taurus, the 12th House from your Sign. This shall make you more conscious about your responsibility towards your family. This shall also enhance your materialistic tendencies, and you may get tempted by luxuries and pleasures. There will be a fun, relaxed side to your communication, but avoid being stubborn at any point. Married ones may remain irritated due to external influences. There may be some delays on the work/ business front. Health-wise, you need to be quite careful. Aches and pains may bother you. Over the weekend, Sun enters your Sign.

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