23-07-2017 - 29-07-2017
A Solar eclipse takes place in your Sign, this week. This happens in the company of aggressive Mars and crafty Mercury, and thus, is surely a noticeable event. Things may change, or you may be aggressively planning change. If not anything, you will be actively pondering and reviewing. Efforts towards personality development shall be rewarding. Any disruptive change will be challenging, but will be good for you in the long run. With the House, indicative of expenses falling vacant, cutting undue expenses will not be difficult. However, you may feel an unexplained emptiness yourself. Find peace in God and higher learning. This is a good time for the spiritually inclined. You may also plan a pilgrimage or a rejuvenating Yoga & mediation break, at this time, suggests Ganesha. Students in the final year of graduation will need guidance and support from a tutor or expert. Health, thankfully, remains undisturbed.