23-07-2017 - 29-07-2017
A Solar eclipse takes place in the 9th House from your Sign. This will have far-reaching positive effects, but at the moment, things may seem glum or slow. Hang on! A visit abroad will become necessary, most likely for finalising a major work/ business deal. You shall put in diligent efforts to handle a complex task to everyone’s satisfaction. Around midweek, Mercury enters its own Sign Virgo. You shall now insist on perfection, in whatever you do. Jupiter will continue facilitating opportunities for monetary gains. It will also enable students pursuing graduation to perform well on their academics. It’s also a supportive time for ones in committed love relationships. You may manage to take your relationship to another level. Marriage is a distinct possibility. Your conception plans too shall be favoured by Jupiter. Take advantage. Health-wise, you may suffer from fatigue, joint pains and aches. Rest!