This Week

14-05-2017 – 20-05-2017

Mercury moves to Taurus, the 6th House from your Sign. This makes things seemingly easier in the routine matters. However, the pressure of work may increase considerably. The work environment may not be conducive, and your boss’ wrath may keep troubling you. Maintaining good relations with your superiors may be a challenge now. There may be misunderstandings, or communication glitches. Some of you may feel clueless, as to what is going wrong, despite you doing your nest to put everything in its rightful place. Well, take it easy, and instead of trying to swim upstream, go with the flow, for now, suggests Ganesha. Be ready to work for extended hours. You may also be required to fawn and praise someone, which may not be an easy task for you. In personal life, thankfully, things shall be looking up. You will be calm and happy there. Health needs care.

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