Astrology - SCORPIO

This Week

14-05-2017 – 20-05-2017

Jupiter is the ruler of the 2nd House from your Sign. This House is indicative of finances, and the fact that Jupiter is traversing in a retrograde motion in the 12th House form your Sign shall make matters tough for you in the monetary domain. Add to this the retrograde Saturn too placed right in the 2nd House, right in opposition to Mars. Do not take any financial risks, whatsoever. Expenses related to family will increase, but don’t let this make you super angry or stressed. These are long-term planetary positions, and you just need to move ahead with a lot of careful. No investments, as of now, says Ganesha. Legal and inheritance matters, concerning money and family, may get stuck. Focus on maintaining a certain status quo in money matters. In personal matters, planets here will induce a strong urge in you to look for someone who shares your passions. Love and sex too may feature high on your agenda. Married ones may not get planetary support, if they look to start a family. Health-wise, you must remain attentive.

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