17-09-2017 - 23-09-2017
Positions of planets are indicative of you getting a breakthrough in securing a giant customer or a long term deal. However, looking at the position of Jupiter in the 12th House and Saturn occupying the House linked with finances, Ganesh advises you to be clear and specific about the payment and monetary terms. Those who are employed will have differences with a coworker about work methods. Ganesha advises you to avoid all altercations. Refrain from overly asserting your view point. Ultimately a senior colleague will intervene. Have a healthy discussion to iron out differences. Around midweek, Venus moves into Virgo, the 11th House from your Sign. Mars and Venus now in company of each other, along with Mercury shall enable you to improve your efficiency and perform better. Over the weekend, Sun moves to balancing Libra. You will look and feel super attractive.