23-07-2017 - 29-07-2017
A Solar eclipse now takes place in the 10th House from your Sign. This happens in company of Mars and Mercury, both of which are also on the 10th House. Well, the effects of such cosmic events can spiral both ways – negative or positive, depending upon overall situations in your life as well as planetary positions in your Natal Chart. What is definitive is that some change on the horizon, effects of which (Solar Eclipse) shall manifest in the next six months. You need to accept new challenges, as these will pave the way for your success and happiness. Don’t be deterred by slow momentum of things, says Ganesha. Be careful, while handling finances. Around midweek, Mercury moves to its own Sign Virgo. You will be more logical and candid. Saturn moving through 2nd House will make you shrewd in monetary and family matters. Around the weekend, love is in the air. Singles may meet someone. This is, most likely going to be a fling, though. There will be harmony in marital domain too. Health remains unaffected.