23-07-2017 - 29-07-2017
A new Moon rises in the fiery Sign Leo, as the week begins. The new Moon is in the company of Sun, Mars, and Mercury, as well as malefic Rahu. Along with this planetary cluster, a Solar Eclipse takes place in Leo, the 4th House from your Sign. Watch your relations with your parents, specifically your mother, mother-in-law etc. A senior lady may have a considerable influence on your life, now. Too much activity in the 4th House – zone of home, comforts, personal peace, emotions – indicates changes. Solar Eclipse also indicates changes, effects of which may manifest in the coming 6 months. You will now be ready to move out of your comfort zone, breaking shackles that may be holding you back. Retrograde Saturn is still posited in opposition to your Sign. It will slow down progress. Don’t get frustrated, says Ganesha. You may not be comfortable with the tasks assigned to you at workplace, but you can hope to get the support of your bosses. So speak up, if needed, but tactfully. Crafty Mercury moves to its own Sign Virgo, 5th House from your Sign. Creative activities, arts, kids and hobbies will bring you peace and happiness. Students will benefit from this planetary move.