Astrology - VIRGO

This Week

14-05-2017 – 20-05-2017

Things start to get better on many fronts, this week. This may be a temporary relief, but this will be a great relief, nonetheless. Around midweek, the ruler of your Sign (and also that of the 10th House from your Sign) – Mercury shifts to Taurus, the 9th House, of fortune and luck – for you. This will give you clear direction and fortuitous chances, which will please you. However, things may not be fast enough, as Venus, the actual ruler of your 9th House may not be entirely supportive. Relax, as things will come to you in their due course, says Ganesha. Gains through indirect sources and inheritances are in the pipeline, but the results may yet not be visible. Mars posited in the 10th House (of work and profession) shall keep you busy with work related activities. It shall also make you energized and enthusiastic. Saturn shall put hurdles onto your way, but you must not give up. Results will be slow, but you should continue to surge ahead unabated.

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