11-11-2018 - 17-11-2018
Saturn will be moving through your 12th House linked with expenditure and loss. Expenses will soar and unexpected expenses will make surprise appearances; be prepared for both. Possibility of losses, too, cannot be ruled out. But things can be fixed with meticulous planning, isn’t it? Start saving from right now and you will be in a strong position to handle that rainy day. On the flip side, Jupiter and Mercury traversing through the 11th House of gains, wish fulfillment, and relationship, will ring in some happiness. You can now expect monetary gains that will lift your spirits. Over the weekend, as Venus becomes direct, you can expect good luck to be by your side. By leaps and bounds, you will now make great progress at the career front. Another positive planetary change is that of Rahu entering Cancer in your 6th House. This alignment will make you feel secured in your job.