01-07-2018 - 07-07-2018
Accelerating in your work and achieving progress is utmost important to you at this juncture. And for this, you don’t mind taking a friendly loan to experiment with new ideas. However, double check your plans well in advance before implementing them and incurring a loss. Two major changes in the position of planets take place on Wednesday. One: Venus becomes debilitated, on moving into Virgo – your 8th House. Here, Venus is viewed by the retrograde Mars – that is moving through your Sign. As a result, you may lose focus from your work. There is a likelihood of you preferring to work from your comfort zone for now. Second one is a happy change, though. The benevolent Jupiter, moving through your 10th House, becomes direct in motion. This change shall facilitate your prospects, by adding strength to your occupational and financial position.