08-10-2017 - 14-10-2017
Moon will be in intelligent Gemini, as the week begins. Moon’s direct opposition to Saturn here will give you an opportunity to revive some old, fruitful connections. Plan a long-term strategy to keep these associations and connections alive. In a major noticeable planetary change this week would be of Jupiter leaving Libra to move to passionate Scorpio – the 8th House from your Sign. This movement signals good news for your financial position, which will enable you to save more money - for future needs. However, Jupiter’s placement in Scorpio may not be all that great, owing to other planetary permutations and combinations. This means, you will have to rely on hard work and self motivation to achieve greater gains and heights. Be prepared to work hard consistently, says Ganesha, and not bank on lady luck to support you. One thing is certain, though, that you will remain quite focused on relevant matters. Venus moves into its own Sign Libra, as the week ends.