16-09-2018 - 22-09-2018
There’s always a right time to soar and succeed. Although you may plan strategically to push your way forward, your stars may not allow that. Blame it on the connection of moon with wily Saturn in your 10th House. All you can do is keep trying hard till you hit the bull’s eye! Your trait of being a perfectionist is likely to come to the fore this week. Especially the career-oriented, who shall be striving for perfection in their work. However, it is also important to be practical at the same time if things do not happen the way you want. Students, on the other hand, may be casual towards their studies and career goals. Singles may strike a chord with a friend or an acquaintance of opposite sex and enjoy a great equation. Marital life appears to be happy and joyful, informs Ganesha. Receiving an expensive gift from in-laws is quite likely here. what more can you ask for? Enjoy the spotlight!