11-11-2018 - 17-11-2018
This week, your 10th House is hosting Moon and Saturn. This planetary position will encourage you to plan out a sound strategy to boost your career. You will be very particular about all the deadlines and quality of work you deliver this week. Furthermore, Jupiter and Mercury, which are transiting through the 9th House, are likely to bestow a huge opportunity to make money. So, if you own a business, gear up to make it large with an amazingly lucrative deal. Friday is likely to bring in a noticeable change for you. Venus becomes direct in Libra and the ruler of your Sign, Mars shifts into Pisces. As Mars is transiting through your 12th House, you may become extra conscious about what you do in order to boost your career prospects. The very next day, Rahu enters Cancer, while Ketu enters Capricorn. Both these planets will be traversing through the 4/10 House axis. At the same time, Mercury turns retrograde in Sagittarius.