20-01-2019 - 26-01-2019
This week will be a little fruitful for the Cancerians. The 20th and 23rd will be the best dates, and the 21st and 26th will be the worst. In case of love affairs, the first three days of the week will be fruitful. During this time, love will flourish, understanding will prevail, and intimacy shall increase. The next two days can be called inauspicious. You may feel sad. Lack of understanding will arise. You may progress in your respective field. You may travel during these days. You may get new opportunities. The superiors will also be happy with the good performance, and they will praise your work as well. Coworkers will also appreciate your work. The family will also experience an atmosphere of joy. Around the 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, the feeling of love, happiness, glee and dedication in the family will prevail.