10-12-2017 - 16-12-2017
A cluster of four planets in the 6th House from your Sign is not a good indication for your work and day to day life, as well as your personal health and well being. You must take care to keep your routine in top shape. A break from things may be necessary. Your relations with elders, maybe an uncle, may get strained. Follow a careful and tactful path, says Ganesha. You may now be unsure of your own methods. Things may remain slow, despite your efforts to speed up stuff. The key positive, supportive cosmic indicators will come to your rescue, though. So, relax, as the union of strong Mars and Jupiter in the 5th House from your Sign will work favorably for you. A new relationship, an attraction, kids, creative activities, innovative ventures, your bid to learn something new – all or some of these shall bring you joy and solace. Things will get better on the work and money front. You will feel more stable in work and business matters. You may, in fact, manage to crack a major deal. Students shall also get support from these two planets, provided they remain disciplined.