08-07-2018 - 14-07-2018
Planets of your Sign portend that you will have a pleasant and enjoyable time in the beginning of this week. Over Wednesday, Venus traverses in its Sign of debilitation- the dual natured Virgo - your 3rd House. This may make you think about your household requirements as well as your relations with your close associates, siblings, cousins or relatives. You may get a chance to address some people, but you may not feel confident enough, as Venus is debilitated. Go ahead for buying some household stuff, and if there is any plan of buying a residential property, this is a good time for it. Start looking for the options, encourages Ganesha. As Jupiter becomes direct in motion on Wednesday, you can be sure of better prospects in coming days. Love birds need to me more cautious, though, as the planetary positions indicate that there are chances of developing misunderstandings. Be calm, composed and don’t react angrily. Things will get better with time. Sometimes silence is a better option!