11-11-2018 - 17-11-2018
There have been some issues between you and your spouse lately. This week, you will strive to mend the fences because happiness is what you want in your relationship. And as things come back to normal, the two of you can focus on other important things in life. You shall experience a new confidence brewing inside you, and owing to this change, you may accomplish difficult feats to become the star performer at workplace. As Jupiter has entered its own Sign during the last week, in business, you can look forward to striking a lucrative deal now. If you are a student pursuing graduation, Ganesha has a reason for you to smile. With Sun now moving through your 5th House, you shall notice that grasping new concepts and memorizing stuff will be as easy as pie for you. The weekend will be quite happening on the cosmic front - with Venus becoming direct, Mars entering Pisces, Mercury turning retrograde, Rahu entering Cancer and Ketu making a move to Capricorn.