08-07-2018 - 14-07-2018
Distance makes the heart grow fonder, goes the saying. And it holds true to some extent. This week, when things are not working out between you and your loved one, try to stay away from him/her for some time. This may give you and your partner to think about the rights and the wrongs. Thereafter, it may be easier to iron out the issues. However, you may be in a belligerent mood due to some reason or the other, mainly due to your attitude towards others. Try to strike a balance between personal and professional life for a better living. Over Wednesday, Venus makes move into the earthy Sign Virgo - your 9th House. Venus becomes debilitated in Virgo. Unfortunately, the intensity of Venus’s positivity gets reduced, thus and so shall your fortune stars. Don’t’ fret, though, says Ganesha. Soon, Jupiter becomes direct in movement in the 11th House – a sure shot indication of prosperity in near future.