10-12-2017 - 16-12-2017
You shall be keen on formulating a perfect strategy to achieve your goal. What you couldn’t do in the year gone by may be on your agenda for 2018. Easy, tiger easy! Don’t rush. Planets in the 12th House shall keep presenting strong distractions, holding you back from taking result oriented action. Mars and Jupiter together in the 11th House from your Sign will come to your rescue. They will facilitate opportunities for decent monetary gains. But, you must take everything with a pinch of salt, says Ganesha. You need to effectively check your expenses, and focus on saving money for future needs. Socializing, friendships, flirting, flings, conjugal relationships will bring you cheer, but will also act as distractions. Well, maybe you need some happy distractions! You may meet someone, and enjoy a good physical chemistry. If already in a committed relationship, this is a good time for taking your relationship to the next level. Marriage talks may be on the cards.