16-09-2018 - 22-09-2018
You are likely to regain your calm composure this week, foresees Ganesha. And Ruler of your Sign Saturn, which is direct in motion shall aid you in attaining the much-needed peace of mind effortlessly. You shall become wise and calculative while dealing with financial transactions – all thanks to the presence of Saturn, which also naturally holds a portfolio of your 2nd House. However, Mars present in the 2nd House can push you to take an impulsive decision regarding money matters; be very cautious. Moreover, familial expenses are likely to increase here; handle the matter judiciously. The positive influence of Jupiter will help the students with a good memory power. Students pursuing arts or commerce shall make a notable progress, making their family proud. With regard to health, pain in joints and bones may create trouble. Take diet rich in calcium and vitamin C to avoid serious complication in future.