10-12-2017 - 16-12-2017
Moon is in the airy Libra, the 5th House from your Sign, on Monday. So, you begin the week on a good note. There may be some monetary gains that will cheer you up. Strong Mars in company of Jupiter will make a good case for professionals as well as ones looking for new assignments. A handsome remuneration for a job well done may also come your way. Influence of Jupiter over the 2nd House will overall keep you in a stronger position on the financial front. You will also get support from elders, parents, teachers, experts etc. Both Mars and Jupiter shall work well in keeping your position secure. In business, you may be trying to confirm a major deal now. Go ahead with complete caution. Students will make satisfactory progress. Health needs care. Do not neglect small issues, says Ganesha. Regulate your lifestyle.