08-07-2018 - 14-07-2018
Exalted Moon this week may prompt you to spend after comforts, luxuries and pleasure. While this may sound exciting, you need to make sure that your fascination doesn’t make you spend the money beyond your means. Remaining focused on making good savings may come to help in coming times, indicates Ganesha. Also, keep enough provisions for family needs, and understand their aspirations and requirements. At this point of time, there may be some unavoidable conflicts in your family, but if handled with tact, they can be solved. Over Wednesday, dear Venus moves into the dual natured Virgo (your 4th House – the zone of heart and home). Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and Venus becomes less effective here. Nonetheless, positively, Venus has now a direct eye over Pisces - your 10th House. This will ease the pressures and stresses at work as well as home. Also, the benevolent Jupiter becomes direct in the motion, this week. This planetary situation will work well for everyone, by lessening worries and boosting profits.