08-07-2018 - 14-07-2018
Business fellows, you will remain busy in negotiating multiple deals with potential customers. This week, welcome the encouraging monetary gains, which will make you stronger on the financial front. Raise your provisions for the family members – as the inflow increases. Around the midweek, two major planetary changes take place. Dear Venus moves to its Sign of debilitation – Virgo – your 2nd House. At this stance, Venus can make you unpleasant and irritable. It may even induce you to use expletives, during conversations with your buddies or family members, resulting in the awkward situations. Avoid this sort of tendency, advises Ganesha. Be calm, for your own good, as such behaviour can hurt the sentiments of your loved ones – and spoil your equations. Good news comes with the second astral move – when benevolent Jupiter becomes direct, bringing relief for you.