11-11-2018 - 17-11-2018
Buckle up your shoes if you are a businessman for there’s some tough competition waiting out there for you. Now that shouldn’t dampen your spirits; in fact, it should get your blood pumping and mind running. Take the competition as a challenge and you will go places. If you do a job, you need to be really good at your work if you wish to remain in the good books of your boss; this may even call for long working hours and sacrificing your ‘me time’. But that’s alright because this is just a temporary phase. Around weekend, there will be several changes in position of planets. Venus becomes direct in motion, proving to be of great relief for you at the professional front. Another important change is that of Mercury turning retrograde and affecting your income; don’t panic, you have saved enough previously to help you stand strong through this time. While Rahu makes home in Cancer in the 12th House, Ketu moves into Capricorn in the 6th House.