11-11-2018 - 17-11-2018
Being there for your loved ones when they need you the most helps to strengthen the bond of love you share with them. Well, they need you this week; so be sure you spend some time with them. Now let’s move towards your professional front. Jupiter and Mercury transiting through the 3rd House will help you develop important and fruitful relations with significant names in your industry. Jupiter’s presence in the 3rd House will also nudge you to develop a stronger bonding with your younger sibling. How about chatting with them about their dreams and goals? Maybe you can give them some valuable advice. Quite a few planets will change their position around weekend. And the most important one is that of Venus coming out of retrogression (something you’ve been yearning for since last week). This change will have a positive impact over many aspects of your life. On the other hand, Mars enters Pisces in the 6th House of your Sign. Mercury turning retrograde around the same time may hamper the inflow of money, be careful.