08-07-2018 - 14-07-2018
Hard work and systematic planning are bound to give you success. This holds true mainly for the business people, as they shall receive back-to-back orders from loyal, valuable customers. A small, technical glitch or power-cut, however, may interrupt your daily activities, which may result in a delay in delivery of goods. But, you being a perfect Scale shall remain cool-headed and handle the situation calmly, soothes Ganesha. Over Wednesday, two major cosmic changes are taking place. Venus moves and becomes debilitated in Virgo – your 12th House. Retrograde Mars positioned in the 5th House aspects Venus – this shall raise an issue of over-spending by the spouse among married couples. Take the situation lightly and do not overreact. Soon Jupiter becomes direct in motion (in your 2nd House), giving a much-needed boost to your financial and occupational front. Career-oriented shall feel highly motivated and will be performance-driven at this juncture.