16-09-2018 - 22-09-2018
This week, formulating and implementing a strategy to up your financial earnings may bear favourable results… And for this, you can give the credit to Moon, which traverses through your 11th House in the company of wily Saturn as they seem highly supportive of your endeavours. However, refrain from taking undue risks to enhance your financial prospects or you may have to regret it later. Mars rules the 2nd House of your Sign, which is linked mainly with finance. Unfortunately, Mars moving through your 12th House can cause financial loss or debt. So, make a judicious use of money since the beginning. At the personal front, some issues are likely to crop up and cause mental trauma. You being the mature one, will need to put an end to the growing animosity between you and your dear one with due delicacy. Singles will be eager to make a move to get into a relationship with someone they are attracted to; sensual pleasures too, are in the offing.