08-07-2018 - 14-07-2018
You are willing to think out of the box and make intellectual plans to move forward in a career. However, the influence of malefic planets shall remind you of your weaknesses and highlight your limitations. The opposition of wily retrograde Saturn and mighty Sun too may throw hurdles in your way to progress, feels Ganesha. Over Thursday, the ruler of your Sign Jupiter becomes direct in motion. This shall prove to be a relief for you in multiple aspects. Businessmen, now, can look forward to striking a long pending deal with their loyal and valuable customers. Employees will feel highly secured at the workplace and will be charged up to deliver more in a short span of time. For couples who are eager to become parents, Jupiter shall aid you in fulfilling your wish. Soon Venus shifts into its Sign of debilitation, earthy Virgo, in the 7th House. This is likely to disturb both – the home environment as well as your peace of mind.