10-12-2017 - 16-12-2017
With so much planetary activity in your Sign, expect the limelight to be trained on you – in more than one way. Just guard your personal reputation, as jealous people come as a package with good things. At work or in business, you will be motivated and driven. Focus will on improving quality. Professionals shall have it easy, with more people agreeing to their word than ever. However, with Mercury still retrograde, you may given to some feelings to nostalgia. You may keep thinking about something that you could have done better – maybe in a relationship or about your own health/ fitness. Guard your health fiercely, as Sun and Saturn together in the first House that is your own Sign are indicative of injuries, health issues or mental turmoil. Married ones should do their best to maintain harmony and warmth in their relationship. There will be challenges, but you will manage. Don’t let a personal hurt hold you back from enjoying life.