16-09-2018 - 22-09-2018
Memories give us as much pain as they gave pleasurable moments, once. You may be heavily bogged down with some memories and remembrance of the past, as the week begins. The pain and the emotional turmoil caused by it will not allow you to concentrate on your work, which, in turn, may affect your performance. With Moon passing through your Sign, you will put up a brave face and keep smiling despite an ailing heart; isn’t that what a true Archer is? Although it’s difficult to be optimistic at this juncture, you shall have high hopes about the future prospects, says Ganesha. Although no major monetary gains are foreseen here, small inflow at regular intervals will lift your spirits. Businessmen who are eyeing government or semi-government organisation to clinch a deal with will finally succeed this week. Students will put in more hours and extra efforts in their academics, and guess what? It will pay off well with students making a great headway!