08-07-2018 - 14-07-2018
The pressure and challenges of last week are likely to continue, especially in case of career oriented. However, you may get lucky and feel happy on being provided with an assistant/intern to share your workload. Employees will feel highly motivated to put in best efforts and perform exceptionally well. However, the stars in the cosmos hint on an unexpected expense related to the family. You may have to dig in your savings to meet the expenses. Retrograde Saturn moves through the 2nd House linked with finance. Here, you will need to plan your finances with great vision. Think long-term and keep aside some amount for contingency. Around Wednesday, ruler of your Sign Jupiter becomes direct in motion. This shall work in your favour, pushing ahead your prospects. The phase is highly supportive of the result-oriented action plan. Around weekend, you may plan and organise your wardrobe, study or kitchen for better retention.