10-12-2017 - 16-12-2017
The ruler of your Sign Scorpio entered your Sign, late last week, and joined the company of the mighty Jupiter. Expect the limelight to fall on you. Enjoy the attention, but refrain from becoming bombastic or domineering, says Ganesha. Mercury is still retrograde in the 2nd House, and this may make you liable to repeat past mistakes, especially on the financial or family front. Guard! Whatever you do, you will get cosmic push from Mars and Jupiter in your efforts, so you will feel happy. But, there may not be any immediate monetary gains. Keep your expectations realistic, and certainly don’t be critical or negative. Playing blame games will not be a good idea. It never is! Centre your attention on a favorite hobby or a pet project. You will be able to make good progress. This is a good week for giving a stage performance, take part in a fashion show or dance to wedding tunes. But, you may also make mistakes, so be careful. Mars will also help athletes and fitness freaks, by boosting energy and stamina.