11-11-2018 - 17-11-2018
Moon meets Saturn in its own Sign Capricorn – your 9th House – when the week begins. This cosmic alignment may prompt you to plan for your future and be more responsible towards your work and career, feels Ganesha. Mars moving through your 10th House - along with Ketu - will keep you immersed in work activities. Business persons may try hard to strike a big ticket deal; the results may not manifest immediately. Professionals must try their best to maintain a cordial relationship with their peers. Around midweek, you get some good news. The ruler of your Sign Venus becomes direct in its other abode – Libra; good tidings are bound to increase. On the same day, Mars makes an entry into your 11th House - Pisces. This seems significant for having encouraging monetary gains. Over the weekend, malefic Rahu shifts to Cancer and Ketu moves to Capricorn. Both will now transit on the 3/9 House axis for your Sign. Crafty Mercury also turns retrograde – at this time. Quite a heavy duty planetary activity – this week!