16-09-2018 - 22-09-2018
Putting aside all the traditional ideas and old strategies, you may be keen to experiment new ways to move up the career graph. And the credit goes to the Moon, which comes in close connection with Saturn in the 9th House. Moreover, Sun and Mercury moving through the 5th House will help you to work your way up. However, the presence of malefic Ketu in your 10th House can create obstacles, warns Ganesha. But, what’s success without challenges, right? Be patient, as things may gradually fall in place. Employees may feel stressed out for one reason or the other, eventually underperforming at work. Singles, shall focus more on career and ambitions leaving no room for relationships. Health, especially for those suffering from diabetes, needs extra care. Shun food items that can possibly increase the blood sugar. Take medication on time to avoid complications.