10-12-2017 - 16-12-2017
Expect some monetary gains to accrue, as the week begins. Mars joined Jupiter, over the last weekend. This will help you fulfill some of your desires. Now you will pursue your goals with a renewed vigour. However, many planets are still traversing through your 4th House, and Mercury is retrograde there. So, there will be ups and downs. While working on a computer at home, keep saving your data, or you may lose a chunk of it. Keep an effective back up of the entire data at work. Guard against mistakes and confusions. Ensure saying and communicating everything very clearly, especially to your mother or an important woman. New business ventures won’t be a good idea. Save financial investments for a later date too. This is the year end, so it would be rather better to take a break, if things permit, says Ganesha. Your mind may keep getting back to career and professional matters, given the influence of planetary forces on your 10th House. But, you won’t manage to go far. So, go with the flow. Don’t vent your anger on anyone innocent. Romance takes a backseat now.