08-07-2018 - 14-07-2018
If you are planning to have a religious trip, since long time, but haven’t yet found a right opportunity – stars send you some fortuitous opportunities for it, this week. Go, visit a sacred place and seek the blessings of a holy deity. This may bring positive energy for you in coming times – and will also refresh you. Over midweek, dear Venus makes an entry into your Sign Virgo. Venus gets debilitated here. You may not feel attractive or desirable, and the love life may remain stagnant. However, with this planetary stance, you will be more careful with spending money, which indirectly will help you save more. See, there is positive in everything, chuckles Ganesha! Around the same time, benevolent Jupiter also becomes direct in motion. Now this happy change will drive progressive forces effectively for you. Business folks will get encouraging results from all sides, including small business trips. On the family font, you are advised to stay close to your siblings, as they may need your help, advice and attention, this week. Support their ambitions and aspirations.