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Nanak Shah Fakir

Synopsis & Preview

After spending his early childhood in village Talwandi Guru Nanak leaves for Sultanpur Lodhi on the behest of village chief, Rai Bular who refers him for an employment opportunity under Daulat Khan Lodhi the governor of Punjab. Where Guru Nanak lives with his sister Nanaki and brother in law Jairam. Guru Nanak gets married to fulfill a normal life course, even takes up household duties but his mind keeps enticing and calling him towards the path that he was born for and finally leaves for his quest.

Mardana follows him and dedicates his life to the Guru by leaving Talwandi and becoming part of Nanak’s social reforms. After many years of mediation on the banks of river Vein that become their abode, Guru Nanak attains enlightenment. He then decides to travel with message of

Ek Onkar (One God). Shining light on equality and social well being of everyone.

Laced with Shabds and beautiful life altering story of Mardana to the sainthood, he travels with Guru Nanak on foot for more than three decades in all four directions of India in the 15th century. Even exploring extreme northern temperatures of Ladakh & Tibet, China. Passing through fierce snow, deep oceans, high mountains, dense Jungles, amidst war desert, every place where human inhabitant resides to spread the message of almighty, ‘Ek Onkar’ (One God)

The film has been shot extensively in Chandigarh, Amritsar, Rajasthan, Leh, Ladakh, Pune Gujrat, Odisha and Mumbai. A set has even been constructed to recreate Guru Nanak’s birthplace, Nanakpeer, now in Pakistan.

Cast: Arif Zakaria, Adil Hussain, Anurag Arora, Shraddha Kaul, Tom Alter, Manav Kaul, Puneet Sikka, Neha Ahuja, Chander Khanna, Manoj Pandey, Bhupinder Singh, Uday Chandra

Director: Sartaj Singh Pannu

Producer: Harinder Sikka, Resul Pookutty

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