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Exotica - The Tropical Retreat

An ancient Indian belief is that food and its presentation should satisfy your all your senses. Welcome to Exotica, , a restaurant that runs on this belief. Like for example although. Exotica is about mind - blowing, delicious gourmet cuisines, the effort behind it is to cultivate the art of savoring such food. Exotica are designed to gratify each of your senses - eyes, ears, nose, touch, and taste. The location, the facilitates, the ambience, the hospitality standards, the food each of it is designed to induce a feeling of peace, relaxation, quite, harmony with nature and natural beauty… rare and daring claims in this city of ours.


Backbone Of Exotica
The cultural thought behind Exotica is an ancient one, but it is brought top you buy a very young entrepreneur. Those, whose vision, foresight, ideas belie their age. And of course their love for mother earth, a result of spending their childhood days in close proximity to nature along the Konkan belt. Now here is a man who has a long and industrious career in hospitality industry, Mr. Abbas. He will infuse Exotica with world- class hospitality standards.

Exotica have taken birth form their courage to chase dreams. And soon there will be many more such ambitious projects dotting Mumbai. All in al, those people who are set to go all places. With a career in landscape architecture ass illustrious as Mr. Arun Kumar's one does not know where to begin. Should one talk about his grandiose architectural masterpieces that dot Bali, Singapore, etc. Or the fact that he bagged the world - known Priyadarshini Aeard in 1997 for his work for Akshardham in Ahemedabad. Or how he lent ethnic expertise to probably some of the most renowned international chains of hotels. In Exotica, Mr. Arun Kumar has invested a lot of things like his horticultural skills by planting rare tropical plant, exotic décor culled from his odysseys around the world, his experience of world cusines. All this makes Exotica unique to any other restaurant in the whole of Mumbai.

The Location:
A winding, narrow mountain road leads us towards Exotica. The forest around gets denser and denser as you go. Soon you will find yourself rolling your car windows down to let in the cool, fresh mountain air, the gurgle of streams and lakes, and an occasional butterfly and the sound of cooing, twittering wild birds.Yes, Exotica is located in the heart of the virgin, unspoiled, luscious green beauty of the Yeoor hills. An advantage that no other in Mumbai can boast of


The Ambience
Exotica have simplistic décor. It blends in with the environment. No walls separate it from the beauty around, no ugly construction,no steel, no railing. Just you and the hills and the trees and plant for shade.Exotica have natural lotus ponds where around 200 stems have been planted and where there isn't water there are rare tropical ferns, orchids, palms and other rare flora and fauna species from the tropics. It is a frolic of colours, textures, greens the feeling that you have unintentionally happened across undisturbed, untouched, unexplored beauty persists.

The Hospitality:

Each of the facilities have been designed to induce relaxation, peace and fulfillment. Yes we know it's a long drive. Start with a long, relaxating dip in 'The Blue Lotus' our swimming pool. Nurse a cool drink from 'The Ginger Lounge' the bar at Exotica. Then proceed to wringe our stress from those tired muscles in 'the Hothouse' our Steam and Sauna Rooms. All this is sure to build an apptite.Go on to a have a few more drinks or attack the authentic Indian, Chinese or Continental cuisine with gutso at our restaurant.If nothing else does then the food is sure to bring you back again and again. Cooked with authentic spices, in clean environment and with a lot of care - the food here compares to the best kitchens.What really adds to the ambience an Exotica's uniqueness are the pandals built amidst the lotus ponds where classical artistes will perform live sometimes Indian Classical, or exotic Japanese or Thai music, whatever it is it will surely be a lifetime experience.

Exotica - The Tropical Retreat
Address : Parnakuti Resorts, Nr Yeor Gaon, Yeor Hills, Thane (W).
Contact No : 2544 1383.
Email ID :
Contact Person : Mr. Abbas
    Updated : 13.1.2010


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