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Shri Ambika Yoga Kutir
SHRI AMBIKA YOGA KUTIR was initially was founded by Shri Pundalik Ramchandra Nikam (Rev. Hathayogi Shri Nikam Guruji) who had a deep knowledge of Sanskrit, Marathi & Hindi languages. He studied Vedas, Upanishads, various ancient texts on Hathayoga and Indian Philosophy. He joined as a police Constable in 1939. He worked at various places in the District of Jalgaon Dhulia etc & retired in 1976 as a police inspector after meritorious service of 37 years. He was honoured by the then Chief Minster of Bombay State Late Shri Morajibhai Desai in 1952.

SHRI AMBIKA YOGA KUTIR's aims and objectives are:
To propagate the ancient knowledge of Yoga and thereby to makes it available for the benefit of the masses. For this purpose to open the branches of the Institution all over the world.

To organize and conduct study-courses:
a. Health Course
b. Course for mental preparation to face adverse situations
c. Course for activists (volunteers)
d. Course for Devotees

To extend educational help, medical help all to the poor and needy people.
Institute conducts Yoga classes for people irrespective of religions, caste and creed. It offers guidance and training in Yoga Nature cure system.
Inthe Regular branches the yoga classes are conducted for Ladies & Gents on Sundays at 7.00am - 9.00 am. There are about 40 Branches in Mumbai, Thane District, Navi Mumbai, Pune , Goa, Nanded, Rajasthan etc.We have even Oversea Branches situated in Canada, USA, Singapore, Mauritius & Australia. Yoga Classes are conducted at various Organisations, Public Sector undertakings & Companies.
Even there are clases conducted at Educational Institutions like India Institute of Technology (I.I.T), Powai - Mumbai, Industrial Training Institute, Ambernath. & Directorate of Technical education, Fort, Mumbai etc.

1. K.E.M. Nurses Welfare Organisation, K.E.M. Hospital & G.S.Medical College, Parel, Mumbai,
2. Nair Hospital, Bombay Central, Mumbai

Naigaum Police Head Quarters, Naigaum, Mumbai.
Naval Dock Yard, Mumbai

Norvatis India Ltd. (conducted 10 programmes) , 2 A.C.C. General Mangers Course, Thane , 3 Junior Executives, Management Trainees Programme for ACC, Bankers Training College (Reserve Bank of India), Mumbai for Senior Bank Executives.

Yoga Courses conducted
Shri Ambika Yoga Kutir regularly conduct Three types of Yoga course :
1. The basic foundation 3 month Yoga Course (12 sessions - 1 session is of 2 hour duration),which includes cleansing processes, simple breathing techniques and asanas. This programme is conducted in all Branches regularly and about 25,000 Ladies and gents yearly takes the benefit of this programme after completing the course, a Preliminary certificate is awarded
2. Pranayama Course (12 sessions after three month course), which includes pranayama, breathing techniques and advanced asanas practice. This course is conducted at Thane Main Branch only. This program was designed by Guruji.
3. Hatha Yoga Pranit Pramanpatra Pariksha (Yoga Teachers Training Course) conducted every year which was set by Guruji and which requires a Yogic practice for minimum 2 Years. This course includes above mentioned two courses & advanced pranayama, Bandha Mudras. The syllabus covered is -Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama and Pratyahara i.e. five stages of Asthanga Yoga are covered. A Certificates is Awarded to successful Yoga Teachers who dedicated themselves to serve the humanity selflessly.

Shri Ambika Yoga Kutir annually awards "Yoga Seva Puraskars. " to the selected Yoga Teachers, who have been rendering services for minimum 10 years and above. For Yoga Teachers annually yoga nature-cure workshop's are organized as per guided program set by Guruji to up-date Yoga Teacher's individual practice (sadhana) and knowledge of naturopathy and herbal medicines. All the 1500 (ladies and gents) teachers dedicate their selfless service for the upliftment of mankind.
About 6,00,000 people have been benefited by Yoga Practice. Around 90% of them were suffering from various ailments, 70% of this total number were women. People from different strata of the society come here irrespective of caste, creed and religion. Total cure was offered from common Cold,Synus trouble, Headaches, Blood Pressure, Ulcers, Stomach Problems, Acidity, Piles, Heart Problems, Depression etc. Through Yoga Nature Cure System it was observed that all functional disorders showed improvement and all body systems were set in order resulting in total transformation of personality.
Guruji in fact put into action work of WHO- Total Health i.e Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual Health. Here Guruji imparted to the Yoga practioners the mental and more training (which should form a part of education) which Inspired by Gurujis marathon worked in field of Yoga Dana these transformed personalities are converted into selfless Yoga Teachers who are running about 25 centers in Mumbai.

Special Feature:
More stress is given for cleansing processes (shuddhi kriyas) i.e Dhouti Neti, Kalpalbhati, Trataka, Nauli, Basti, Suryanakaskars and some asanas for physical cleansing and toning of muscle The Chanting of prayers, Gayatri Mantra, Omkar discourses on Yama and Nivama help shape up the mind i.e. mind cleansing. And astonishing results are obtained at all the centers through these sets of yogic practices.

Importance to Women:
Here special stress is given in training women in Yoga Therapy as they are to playing many important roles in the Family.The trained mother in Yoga Therapy can be ideal mother and she has a good impact on her family and will develop a national charater.

1. ' AROGYACHI GURUKILLI ' in Marathi 6th Edition (Hathayoga-Master-Key to Health). Easy guide of Yogic Kriyas for health (Physical and Spiritual), 'Omkar Pranava Sadhana (Chanting of OM) with Shatchakradarshan.
2. ' AROGYACHI GURUKILLI ' converted in 'Brail Script for blind sadhakas.
3. ' SWASTHYA YOGA ' (Part I- Cleansing Processes) book in Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada & English.
4. ' SWASTHYA YOGA ' (Part II) book covering Suryanamaskar, Yogasanas with benefits in Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati.
5. ' SWADHYAYA SARTHA BHAJANAVALI ' (Part I and Part II) Bhajans in Marathi and Hindi (Devotional Songs), moral guidance about Physical and Mental aspects.
6 ' ATMADARSHAN ' (Self-realization Part I and Part II) An audio cassette of Ten Yogic and Devotional Songs with commentary. 'Shavasan and Omkar Dhyana'
7 'Asan Charts' (Part I and Part II)
8. ' YOGA MANTHAN SAR ' (Pranayam, Bhandha, Mudra) in Hindi
9. ' MANAVTECHA UPASAK ' Biography of Hatha yogi Shri. Nikam Guruji, by Shri. Shashikant Chavan.

Honors received:
Guruji was honoured as Respected citizen by the then Mayor of Thane Muncipal Corporation Hon Shri Satish Pradhan.
In 1992 Guruji was facilitated for having completed 75 years of age by thousand of his followers at Kalidas Sabhagruha, Mulund, Mumbai in a programme chaired by Hon. Ex- Speaker of Maharashtra State Assembly Shri Balasaheb Bharde who is also the Chairman of sant Peetha in Maharashtra. Reception was offered by the then MLA Shri Wamanrao Parab. A letter of gratitude towards the services rendered by him to humanity was ceremoniously offered to him on that occassion .
Guruji was the Chairman, Reception Committee of All Indian Yoga Convention in 1982 at Thane organized by Ghantali Mitra Mandal, Thane

Guruji was invited to organize two Television programmes (Arogya Sampada) at Mumbai Doordarshan Centre.
Guruji was awarded 'Gem of Alternative Medicine' by Indian Board of Alternative Medicine, Calcutta in the 'Third Intrnational Congress on Alternative Medicine' held at Calcutta in December1-3, 1995.

Ambika Yog Kutir
Address : 21, Madhu Milind CHS, Mahatma Phule Road, Naupada, Thane 400 602.
Mobile : 2542 3064
Email ID :
Contact Person : Mr. Ramchandra R. Surve
    Updated : 16.1.2010



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