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HOPE Frinds Of Nature

Hope (Here on Project Environment) is a program of the Rotary club of Thane. The city of Thane had been blessed by nature. With wide ecodiversity ranging from the Pokhran hills on the west, which provides the backdrop to Borivali National Park, to the mangroves and Swamps on the east and, blessed with 11 lakes and numerous creeks, Thane was an ideal breeding ground for a wide variety of flora and fauna. However these one beautiful environs, along with their invaluable treasure of flora and fauna are now gradually vanishing under the onslaught of urban expansion and industrial development. There is a strong feeling amongst many members of the society that these priceless gifts of nature must be identified and preserved before they are lost to our environs forever. They decided to affiliate with an active and non-controversial organization like Rotary and thus was born a unique project - Here On Project Environment. (HOPE).
HOPE has collaborated with Forest Department (Information centers at Borivali Tiger Safari, Karnala Bird Sanctuary, Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary) & other NGO's like BNHS, WWF, Hariyali, and Jidnyasa to conduct nature education, awareness & conservation activities. Expert naturalists & keen nature lovers conduct the activities of HOPE. Many of these persons are members of organizations such as Bombay Natural History Society

HOPE Varta February-March 2001
Bird Ringing Camp
Many of us have been avid bird watchers for quite a while now. We now can identify most of the common species found in our neighborhood. And our knowledge was getting stagnated. We knew there is a lot to learn in the field of Ornithology but an opportunity was missing. A bird ringing camp arranged by BNHS was the golden opportunity many of us have been waiting for. The camp was held on 4th to 8th December at Uran near Mumbai. BNHS has been carrying out bird ringing exercises for a long time but surprisingly very few of those efforts were done on the western coast. The water bodies in Maharashtra attract a large number of birds during winter. It is important to know about their migration. The bird ringing camp was a very important first step towards it.
With the help of BNHS trappers Mr. Guruswami and Mr. Shanmugam different types of traps were set at different locations around JNPT area. The trapped birds are collected in a large cage and brought to shore. The systematic study of all the trapped bird is carried out. This includes collecting and documenting information like their weight, beak and wing dimensions, wing feather molting stage etc. Afterward an appropriate ring is attached to the bird 's leg. During even years the ring is attached to right leg and during years to the left leg. The rings have number and BNHS address so that if the bird is found by anyone else during migration they can inform BNHS and information can be collected
The collected data is later analyzed and a number of inferences can be drawn from it. The weight is an indicator of how good a feeding ground the site is while molting and condition of wear of the feathers give an insight about the life style of the bird
It was great opportunity for the people like us to observe the birds at such a close quarter and to handle them. By seeing the bird from so close it was possible to understand minor variations between different species or between juvenile and adult. We got to know of some species which otherwise is not possible to distinguish by observing the in them field with the binoculars
During the four-day training conducted under the guidance of Dr. S. Balachandran of BNHS about 500 birds were ringed of which little stint and curlew sandpiper were the most common. A few less common birds like the avocet, flamingo were also trapped and ringed. During the exercise we were taught about different types of traps, how to handle caught in a trap, different measurements and how they are interpreted, different types of rings used and actual operation of ringing.
It was a very good exercise for all of us and a good beginning for a systematic study of important site like Uran. It was felt that the exercise was carried out a bit late in the season. Uran-Nhava Sheva areas acts like an important stop over in bird migration path and the numbers swell during early winter. It would be interesting to set up a bird ringing exercise during that period. Dr. Bala has promised us to set up a schedule for such an exercise again during early winter next year hope we see more of HOPE members participating in the exercise.

Editorial by Deepa Rathi
In July 2001 hope will complete five successful years of its work in the field of environment. These years have seen hope spread its wings to undertake different big and small activities filling the needs of various people in Thane City. We have also periodically assessed ourselves against the yardstick of Hope's objective i.e. of education, awareness, and conservation of environment. Presently HOPE has degree of stability. However we have realized that we need to get more forward in our activities. Writing a vision statement of HOPE will help us define purpose, thus helping HOPE members to focus on & meet goals and objectives. To help this vision statement, we plan to undertake series of activities in March / April 2001. We would appreciate if as many HOPE members as possible would take part in these activities, for then we would have a statement which will help HOPE reach still greater heights. Let all of us come together & give HOPE its fifth anniversary gift - The Vision Statement

Main Objectives

  • Nature education
  • Increase awareness about nature & environment
  • To undertake activities for conservation of our natural environment

Major outcomes of Hope since inception 3 years ago
  • RITUCHAKRA - nature park - cum - estuarine sanctuary at Kalwa Creek.
  • Maharashtra Rajya Pakshimitra Sammelan.
  • Library of nature books at Thane.
  • Starting of nature Clubs in schools.
  • Designing of school syllabi for Environment Education.
  • Workshop on snakes
  • Workshop on Insects & Butterflies
  • Workshop on Environment Education for Teachers of Secondary schools
  • Workshop for Volunteers for Nature Education
  • Campaign for containment of Plastic Carry Bag Nuisance
  • Fixing name Plates on trees in Thane town & Yeoor Hills. Workshop on snakes
  • Workshop on Insects & Butterflies
  • Workshop on Environment Education for Teachers of Secondary schools
  • Workshop for Volunteers for Nature Education
  • Campaign for containment of Plastic Carry Bag Nuisance
  • Fixing name Plates on trees in Thane town & Yeoor Hills.

Activities conducted / proposed to be conducted by HOPE
  • Organizing seminars / talks / exhibitions / slide-film show.
  • Organizing nature camps / trails.
  • Starting or assisting Nature Clubs in schools.
  • Tree Plantation.
  • Campaigns for prevention of degradation of lakes, creeks & forests around Thane.
  • Program for waste recycle.
  • Encouraging / supporting Research Projects.

School Nature Club

Syllabus For Std VI

  • About the Nature Club.
  • Formation of groups.
  • Parent's involvement - and selection of parent volunteers.
  • Yearly group activities.
  • Preparations of weather report with reference to nature.
  • Observation of trees with respect to season.
  • Synopsis of every program by the group.
  • Nature News group.
Changes in Thane city
Lectures by a resident of Thane, Experiments. Essay writing and Poster making.

Experiments regarding waters.
Visits to the lakes of thane and water survey.
Slide show and lecture on lakes of Thane.

Making herbariums.
Making Charts.
Lecture with slide shows.

Instrumentations Lecture and demonstrations of various instruments related to weather.

Energy resources
Experiments related to use of energy resources.
Slide shows.
Solid waste managements, plant visit.
City farming.

Camps - 2/3day overnight camp at Tansa/Karnala during winter holidays. Visit to fish market (dock).
Visit to Jijamata Udyan.
Visit to Haryali.
Visit to Thane creek.

Program Sheet
DATE Program Details
02/06/2001, Saturday Discussion on Proposal for Census of Thane's Flora & Fauna.
09/06/2001, Saturday Committee Meeting
16/06/2001, Saturday Tejal Dhulia to speak on "Effective Use of Poster for Environmental Awareness"
23/06/2001, Saturday Preparation for Exhibition on Green Thane (in association with TMC)
30/06/2001, Saturday Preparation for Exhibition on Green Thane ( in association with TMC)
07/07/2001, Saturday HOPE Birthday Celebrations.
14/07/2001, Saturday Green Thane Exhibition
Propose Venue: Gadkari Rangayatan, Gr. Flr.
Timings: 14/07/2001 - 10am to 9pm
15/07/2001 - 9 am to 9pm
15/07/2001, Sunday
21/07/2001, Sunday Election of office Bearers for HOPE List of posts available with Deepa Rathi ( 533 4353) Please hand over your nomination to Deepa Rathi.
27/07/2001, Sunday Mangrove Plantation at Ritucharkra Site.
28/07/2001, Saturday Mr. Anish Andheria to speak on "Tiger Conservation Research : Fate of Tiger in the next decade
29/07/2001, Sunday Outing at Yeoor with Mr. Anish Andheria.

Address Contact Persons

2nd Floor, Sahayog Mandir,
Sahayog Mandir Path
Ghantali, Naupada Thane (W).
HOPE meets every Saturday at 7.00 pm. The meetings are open to all.

Mr. Shyam Ghate 537 7263
Mr. Anil Kunte 547 4901
Mr. Hema Gupte 534 8409
Dr. Deepa Rathi 533 4353

Nisarga Jatra 2001
Organized by HOPE (Here On Project Environment), the nature wing of the Rotary Club of Thane, the exhibition is its annual event, and currently in its third year.
'Yeoor to Sahayadris', the theme of the Jatra, was but an extension of the philosophy explored during last year's Jatra, namely 'The Yeoor Wonderland.' This year, HOPE decided to step out of Thane, and present a holistic view of the Sahayadris, of which, Yeoor hills are but a part. The 1600 kilometers expanse of the Sahayadris, which run along the entire west coast of the country, support not only myriad species of plants and animals, but also indigenous ways of life of the tribals who have inhabited these parts for centuries.
However, rampant deforestation and haphazard and half-baked government policies, especially the ones concerning the building of dams in the hilly area are destroying nature's bounty as well as lifestyles of the tribals. In lieu of this, academicians and social workers, who had observed the area for long, launched the 'Save Sahayadri March' in 1984.
But even that movement is now forgotten. On the occasion of the Jatra, HOPE decided to revive the ideals of the march by compiling various models, photographs as well as tribal artifacts. This wide-ranging display was interspersed with street plays, slide shows and nature quizzes and talks by experts.
A highlight of the Jatra was the felicitation of Thaneites who have been silent environmental crusaders, and have long been working for a better Thane. This included citizens who have been instrumental in planting trees, without being deterred by their uprooting, as well as snake experts, and vegetable vendors who refused to give out polythene bags after they were banned.
The Jatra met with a tremendous response giving HOPE a further boost to organize more such programmes.

Address : 2nd Floor, Sahayog Mandir, Sahayog Mandir Path Ghantali, Naupada, Thane (W).
Tel No. : 2537 7263
Contact Person : Mr. Shyam Ghate

Updated : 21.1.2010

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