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Mr. Atul Joshi
Atul Joshi Innovations
Interior Designing and Graphic Designing Studio

Tell us something about you?
My name is Atul Joshi. I am a very proud Thaneite because I am born and brought up in Thane. I did my schooling in Thane, I did my college in Mulund. But I am a hardcore Thaneite. I have my own designing firm; we have a studio where we do interior designing as well as graphical designing.
When you talk about designing its any field for which we want to give servicing. We also do graphical designing to Interior designing but you take any kind of designing we are ready to give our services. For more than 20 years we are into this designing field. We do cater services to organizations or people staying at thane, we also do cater services to people out of the state. We love Thane and we do not want to shift our base anywhere from Thane, because Thane has given me everything my career, my education. So its the best place and I don't feel like leaving this place.

What have been your achievements during your education and career?
Thane has given me everything, as I said my schooling was in Thane. I have seen the changes that have happened in thane since so many years. Thane has really grown, earlier we used to travel till Aradhana Talkies, that was in the Panchpakhadi and beyond Panchpakhadi there was nothing. We used to feel like it is going for a picnic if we were moving ahead of Panchpakhadi, now the periphery has gone till Ghodbunder road. So, Thane has changed a lot and I am really very happy that I have seen these changes and I feel proud that whoever is now coming to Thane they would have felt very happy.

What is your opinion about your field in Thane?
The periphery has expanded, so new complexes, new buildings, new constructions have really grown up and now people wherever they take new property whether it is commercial or residential, they definitely want to give that property a very good look. So interior designing has also developed in that sense. So, just because of the standard of living lifestyle has changed. Like what we have seen in Mumbai, Mumbai is like not very far away from Thane as well as far as the distance is concerned and also as the lifestyle is concerned. So, in that angle Thane is even very close to Mumbai, as far as the lifestyle is concerned. So people definitely moving new flat only after making some interior designing. So, for our field it has definitely helped in these changing situations.

If not this field what would you have been otherwise?
I don't think any other field would have accommodated me. Designing I would have been into designing definitely. As I said we do designing in many things like graphical designing, Interior designing. So may be tomorrow I learn to do something in fashion designing.

Since early you were interested in designing?
I would say I am a born artist. I have a good way of art so I thought this is the field wherein I can do something, so I settled on my own.

Any types in designing you would like to share?
In interior designing, like the sense of layout, sense odd colors will come out. But as far as our firm is concerned we do more graphical base designing, for which people have tasted, tried they are happy. Any place you go in if it is made properly than definitely people will get happy. We do more graphical based designing.

Any Idea to make Thane a better place to live in?
It already is a very good place to live in. But, there are certain areas, which we really need to look into it, or rather the governance has to look into it. It is not only the local government body but also citizens and population of Thane who also have to contribute for making it a better place. A very first thing, which is when we come out of our home, is the roads. But, nobody is taking a step ahead. But, I would definitely join the people who are really keen about making Thane a good place. I would be the person who would definitely go and help the group.

Any suggestion you would like to give about making Thane the way you want it to be?
People should come together that's the only suggestion and then ultimately what happens is that we don't go and vote for any elections and we are the one who are always cursing our governing bodies that the things are not happening. So, I feel people should go and vote and then if you say these people are accountable you should go and ask the governing bodies or the local cooperator that why things are not shaping up or why there are some lacunas.
People are not going and making complaints. I go regularly to my local cooperator and ask him about few things that why they are not working properly. It's only me who is going or maybe ten people who are going but if there are hundred of people who are going to the cooperators definitely things will change. People should come together raise some issues, raise their voice. It's just like we have appointed some cooperator and we are just sitting aloof, like he will do his job. But, its not that he has to do his job, we have to follow up and ask him to get the things right.

What type of clients you get in Thane?
I am really proud that we cater services for our local banks which is Thane Janata Sahakari Bank, then we also have got local shopkeepers and residents where our interior designing happens in Thane. Apart from thane we also do cater services to some corporate companies Cadbury, Godrej, they are not based in Thane but I am very proud that we have Cadbury factory in Thane and its a landmark in Thane. Volta’s is in Thane.

Any message for Thane citizens?
People should come out and do something for Thane and should feel proud that they live in Thane. Lets together invite people in Thane. More and more people should come in Thane. It’s a very happening place. I would take the opportunity to tell you that I am a part of one organization in Thane which is Indradhanu, Indradhanu is a cultural organization which is there for last 25 years and we are doing cultural activities in Thane, like we are doing shows, musical festival and we invite artist and its a happening organization in Thane. It is a very well known organization in Thane. So we are proud that we have given something to Thane in return. So, that when I stay here I need to give something in return to my own town. So in a way its my gift to the people in Thane or to the town Thane. So everyone should come out and contribute in their own way something for the betterment of Thane.

- As told to Thaneweb (Sept 2011)


Atul Joshi Innovations Interior designing and graphic designing studio
Address :

102, B-wing, Vidya apartment, Vishnunagar, Naupada,
Thane (w), Mumbai, India.

Tel No. : 9820034051 / 254344111 / 65251070
Email ID :
Website :
Contact Person : Mr. Atul Joshi

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