FEATURE 24 November 2012

Comparing Soy Milk vs. Cow Milk

There is a raging controversy as to which between soya milk and cow milk is better. Putting up a matchup of soy milk vs. cow milk can initially look like a mismatch. Some people who identify them as one and the same point to their protein contents that are similar. A real difference between the two drinks is more than the undeniable fact that one is a byproduct of a leguminous plant and the other is really a much documented liquid from the living mammal. In order to deliver light into the controversy it is essential to look at the advantages and also the benefits of both products.

Benefits of soy milk over cow milk

      1. Soya milk contains more nutrients than cow milk. A glass of soy milk will provide you with protein compounds, vitamins (A, B1, B2), carbohydrates, calories and is low on fat and cholesterol. Cow milk, while getting equally nutritious, could not enhance of such a rich repertoire of nutrients as soya milk.

      2. Soy milk will work for vegetarians as they possibly can substitute it for cow milk. Contrary to the cow milk, soya milk does not contain milk sugar and therefore is perfect for people who are suffering from diabetes.

      3. Soy milk does not trigger allergy symptoms, especially in children and infants. Cow milk can trigger allergic symptoms that could damage a child's immune system. Although children who develop cow allergies also develop soy milk allergies, it's a good alternative to those who are not.

      4. Research carried out by the Soya Foods Association of North America discovered that consumption of soy milk scales down the probability of developing risk of heart disease.

      5. Soy milk is great in limiting breast cancer. There is no known such benefits related to cow milk.

Advantages of cow milk over soy milk

      1. There is simply no health harm to an individual from over-consumption of cow milk. It is even advisable to take a lot of cow milk. On the other hand over-consumption of soy milk can be detrimental to your health; some of the unwanted effects of over-consumption tend to be fatal if not examined.

      2. Cow milk is wholesome as it is, you do not need to put flavors or cook it to get yourself a healthy beverage. On the other hand the entire process of preparing soya juice needs work and addition of flavors to come up with a great product.

      3. Infant formula made from soy milk is bad to a child's life in the future. There are no such problems to a child's future from the consumption of cow milk.

      4. The quality of soya milk is hunched on several factors in order to come up with a good quality product, from the plant, seed to the preparation. The quality of milk alternatively is certain as long as the cow has good health.

      5. The very best selling point for soya milk is its abundant list of nutrients. As good as this is, the combination of these nutrients in the body is harmful. Cow's milk nutrition are served in moderation and there is no risk of poisoning.

      6. The above evaluation of Soy Milk vs. Cow Milk demonstrates the two are great in themselves. They all have its own benefits as well as cons. It is left for you to consider them and then determine which one fits to your needs.

      5. Soy milk is great in limiting breast cancer. There is no known such benefits related to cow milk.

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