FEATURE 15 December 2012

Steps to Writing the Critical Essay

In the present days, students are asked to write assignments that are very challenging. Writing the critical essay and the argumentative essay are considered to be demanding so the students search out for a guideline which helps them to make the writing easy.

The modern system of education is following various methods to educate the students and fully qualify them. With this qualification they can come out with flying colours and live comfortably. Among the various assignments that are given to the students during the course, writing critical essay and the academic essay are also included. If a person is able to write the essay and the academic essay then he will be eligible to acquire his degree.

Writing the critical and argumentative essay involves immense skills and techniques. Any educated person must be able to write the essay. Critiques are important for any subject which helps for the improvement of the person. The essay can be written for any topic so that the ideas that are supporting and the ideas that are opposing can be understood. Ultimately both arguments and the critics play a vital role in the growth of a person both personally and socially.

Usually for writing the essay one should have a personal opinion about the subject or the topic. A complete understanding about the topic is very important. Writing a review about a book or about the work of another person is called the critique. Normally the essay is related to field of art like play, movie, book, and image. The essay helps to analyse both the positive and the negative parts of the subject. If a person writes an essay about a book then all the points should be supported by strong evidence.

A clear evidence of the points makes the essay liked by everyone and the evaluation can be done easily. For writing the essay, all the thoughts must be organized. As already said the supporting materials for the essay can be collected from the scientific papers, articles, journals, books and from the online websites that approved, all these are considered to be the helpful resources.

The critical essay must have two important points one carries the critique about the summary and the next point contains the review about the structure and the ideas of the topic. The conclusion and the suggestion of the author about the topic can also be mentioned. Also one should consider the position of the author so that he can write a good critical essay.

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