Entertainment Feature 3 July 2012

How To Dance Well

Here are some tips to improve your flexibility and co-ordination while dancing. So go ahead and put on your dancing shoes! Stretch when you can:

We all stretch during warm-up, to cool down, or if we feel pain or discomfort. But, try to do simple stretching while you are doing your daily chores. You could practice stretching while listening to music or even while watching TV. Simple floor stretches do wonders for improving your flexibility. This, in turn, helps when you hit the dance floor.

Lesson one:
Taking dancing classes will not only improve your coordination, but it will also help train your brain to remember and retain choreography, which helps you learn more, faster. Classes also help dancers maintain a ‘dance language’ by communicating with teachers, choreographers and other dancers.

Keep at it:
No one gets every step right the first time, but good dancers keep practicing till they do. Good technique doesn’t come easy. Learn new moves, but perfect the skills of each step first.

Wear Proper Attire:
Each dance style requires a specific type of clothing and shoes. Dance shoes are carefully structured to protect the legs and feet and to benefit the dancer. Make sure you are dancing in the correct shoes.

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