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Discover child's growth with Pregnancy Calculator

Week by Week
Pregnancy is the most difficult phase of life but on the other hand the most beautiful phase too. When a woman is pregnant for the first time, every woman claims that they are coming close to womanhood. One of the most important things a woman should know is what exactly she will go through during pregnancy.

As soon as the woman comes to know that she is pregnant, the first thing she would do is check her due date. A tool which will help you find the estimated due date is the pregnancy calculator week by week. It tackles all the significant developments during pregnancy.

One of the important uses of this tool other than finding the due date is it keeps you mentally prepared to tackle the problems that arise during pregnancy weekly and not run to the doctor when you experience something new. But with the use of Pregnancy Calculator Week by Week as consult your doctor when you feel something unusual happens to you. Please do not ignore that.

First trimester
Hormones undergo quick alterations in the woman's body. During this stage until early second stage you will experience something discomforting. The pregnancy calculator will help you with the things you must do and the things you must not. The 5th week is considered to be the crucial week as birth defects may occur during this week.

Second trimester
As soon as the symptoms such as dizziness and nausea grow fainter, your body undergoes physical changes. Stomach will start expanding. Symptoms such as indigestions or heartburns might happen and in this case it is very important for you to consult a doctor and follow the right diet advice. If the right diet is followed you can surely avoid these symptoms and by any chance do not ignore such indications.

Third trimester
During this stage, the growing little one will fit himself in the mother's womb. The weight will continue to increase and this might lead to major backache and hip pain issues. The due date given by the pregnancy calculator is not accurate, the baby may arrive 1 or 2 weeks earlier or later, after the due date. As a result, essential preparation is required to be done before the child arrives.

Looking for information about development and growth of the baby with the help of Pregnancy Calculator Week by Week is vital for the mother to have fit mind and body.

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