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Herbal Remedies for Hair Loss and Dandruff

For Hair Loss and Dandruff
Dandruff can be described as a mild inflammation of scalp causing flaking. Usually these flakes are visible and causes itching and soreness. At present, dandruff is one among the commonly reported problems among teenagers. Though it is not life threatening, persisting dandruff and hair loss problems can lead way to emotional stress in life. If left untreated, dandruff can cause irritation, itching and inflammation in scalp. Dandruff problems generally come with hair loss trouble. Several factors play key roles in forming dandruff. As per studies, a fungus known as Mallazesia globosa is a main cause leading way to dandruff. This fungus mainly seen in atmosphere can infect anyone. Over intake of sugars, perspiration, excessive use of hair care products, irregular shampooing and over exposure to sunlight are other highlighting causes of dandruff. There are lots of herbal remedies for hair loss and dandruff which you can perform at home. Following are some among the best recommended herbal cures.

Scalp massaging with a mixture of coconut oil and lemon juice before going to bed is an effective herbal remedy suggested for curing dandruff and hair loss troubles. Massaging of scalp with this mixture enhance blood circulation and improves the growth of hair follicles on scalp. You can also choose other relaxant oils like sesame oil or chamomile oil for scalp massaging. Preventing dry scalp, nourishing the hair shaft, promoting new hair growth and inducing restful sleep are other advantages of doing scalp massaging.

Using a good hair conditioner after shampooing is a natural technique to cure frequent hair loss and dandruff. For ensuring maximum benefit, it is advised to choose herbal conditioner for scalp massaging after shampooing. This helps in nourishing and softening hair shaft. For example, egg white is considered as a perfect hair conditioner. People suffering from chronic dandruff and hair loss problem are recommended to have a good scalp massaging using egg white before shampooing. You can apply egg white at least one hour before shampooing hair.

Fenugreek seed is another safe remedy used for curing dandruff and hair loss problem. Patients suffering from loss of hair are advised to massage their scalp with fenugreek seek paste thirty minutes before bathing. Similar to fenugreek seed paste, snake gourd juice is found to be beneficial for curing dandruff and hair loss problems. For attaining best results, you can drink a cup of bottle gourd juice daily in the morning. Preventing premature graying of hair is one among the important advantages of consuming bottle gourd juice. It provides you soft, silky and dandruff free hair with zero side effects.

Scalp massaging with aloe vera is a best recommended herbal remedy for hair loss and dandruff problems. Doing a thorough scalp massaging with aloe vera helps in balancing pH level of scalp and cleaning the pores. You can also use aloe vera gel in combination with wheat germ oil and coconut milk. Detangling, moisturizing, stimulating fresh growth and enhancing cellular rejuvenation are other advantages of doing scalp massaging with aloe vera gel.

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