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Dr. Raju Uttamani

Surgeon and Urologist at Jupiter Hospital

Interview of Dr. Raju Uttamani

Can u tell us something about you?

I am Dr. Raju Uttamani. I am practicing as a surgeon and urologist, since last 20 years. I have done my MS, FYCS from Sion hospital Lokmanya Tilak college. During my college career, I stood 1st in college in multiple areas, especially Surgery. I am associated with Jupiter and Fortis hospital since past 6 years. I am very satisfied with my profession because treating patients has been my ambition from my childhood.

What are your future plans?

I plan to keep treating patients and I will see that they are happy.

Any special ideas to make them happy?

My main specialty is surgery, like kidney stone surgery. In the kidney stone surgry we have got number of equipments. These equipments are such that you just send some waves through the body and the stones get crushed in the kidney. The patient is not usually admitted, the patient can walkout from the hospital in 2 /3 hours. So just a simple way of treating such a painful condition. The pain of kidney stone is supposed to be one of the worst pains that a man can experience as bad as the labor pains or toothache.

Only these three pains are equal in the intensity and coming back to the solution, which I was telling you ESW, it was discovered by a German scientist 28 years back. While he was traveling in aircraft, this gentleman had a kidney stone himself and the interesting thing is that because of the movements of the plane, that stone passed. So that's how the idea came to him and he was the man who discovered ESW as the primary treatment for the kidney stone. Today we have got millions people being treated allover world for this condition which is so painful.

Any suggestions to the Thane people, especially for the prevention of the kidney stone?

Drink a lot of water. Drink as much as 4 liters of water especially if you are a stone patient. Stone patients get kidney stones because the kidney in such patients is at a slight fault. Different crystals get collected together to form stones. These crystals are usually of phosphate, etc. Such crystals come together which come from the diet. In my and other peoples kidney they would just they would just pass off. But, in a patient who has tendency to stone formation, these crystals come together to form stones. So best method of prevention is to drink a lot of water.

Is your treatment economical, to any middle- class people even?

Yes, the rate can vary anywhere from 5-6 thousand to 15-20 thousand which is very economical

What do you think about the facilities available at the Jupiter hospital?

Jupiter hospital is one of the best hospitals we have in our districts. The I.C.U is fantastic and all the departments of Jupiter hospital are very good.

What is your experience with the Thane city, sir?

Thane city is a wonderful city and many times it has got the best city award of India and I have been enjoying Thane city since my childhood

Address: Jupiter Hospital,Eastern Express Highway, Thane (W)
(Monday-Wednesday-Friday) Timings : Between 10 am to 11 am
Tel No.: 9822078819 / 9819070060
Contact Person: DR. Raju Uttamani

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