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Mr. Rahul Gargatte

Asiatic expositions

Interview of Mr. Rahul Gargatte

Can you tell us something about you?

Myself Rahul Gargatte; I stay in Mulund. I have lots of friends in Thane,so ideally you can say I have been brought up in Thane. Regarding profession, we are Basically into exhibitions and also into events since year 2000 we do events and exhibitions in Thane as well as in Mumbai and Mumbai.

Can you tell us about your education and career?

I have done Diploma in Computer Engineering . Now I am doing business of marketing. We are also having a company called Dream Homes, where we are also in the marketing of land, farm plots as well we are also into exhibitions. We are purely into marketing.

Any homework for your field?

We need to study the market of Thane basically. Like what Thane requires or nearby sorroundings of Thane requires. We are trying to bring that all needs and information, what people requires.

Are you getting the right response you had dreamed about?

Yes, ofcourse we are getting a good response. We are getting a right response from Thane; like from all the corner place like Ghodbunder which is far away from the city. People are coming and showing the interest in what actually we require. So, Thane is a potential market; wherever, whichever corner Thane have been expanded, people are great. They are satisfying our needs as well they are getting satisfactory information & product / services.

Any specific achievements till now?

We are still growing and we still want to grow in this field.And reach to level like the exhibitins held at World trade centre or Bandra kurla complex. In year 2001 we did an exhibition which was consumer exhibition, for the first time in the place in Thane; the clients which participated in Thane through which they got a huge support from this exhibition.

What are your future plans for this field?

We are having several things, which are left out, so we are covering point to point subjects. For example, exhibitions, we are coming with various exhibitions in Thane. So I suppose that we are definitely to meet up the requirements or the achievements. There are some topics, which are not been mature or thought of in thane. Like consumer which is outdated in thane because there are malls coming up tremendously in Thane.

We are coming up with the exhibition of finance, wherever people needs will be solved like if a person wants an housing loan or personal loan or if he is interested in mutual funds or online trading funds he can come and visit it.

Moreover exhibition on wedding or exclusively women's exhibition is area to think of. So still there is a lot of homework which is to be done from our side and getting the exhibition visitors a professional exhibitor like Rohit Bal, we are talking to them, it may takes time but definitely we will do something. Apart from that, We are talking to 2 or 3 best of best designers for doing something unique concepts. Its a matter of time but, we are sure that we will do something graet.

What is your USP in this field?

Basically, I am myself in this industry since17 years. Our USP is that we need to be direct in touch with the consumers. We are into simple logic of business to consumer.

Any message to Thane citizens?

Exhibition, basically is like ‘open your eyes’ If you are just aware of the product through some newspaper; for example 'Nokia' which is around Rs. 12000/-. When you come down to the exhibition there can be various offers which might be available. Second thing is that you are directly interacting with the people. So a company face to face and going to a retailer is a very big difference. So I would ask people to please visit such sort of exhibitions.

Asiatic expositions

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