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Mr. Sanjay Iyer

Prescon Realtors & Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd

Interview of Mr. Sanjay Iyer

Tell us Something About Yourself?

My name is Sanjay Iyer. I work for a construction company in Thane at Prescon Realtors & Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd. We are into Residential Construction in Thane and across other states as well.

Which other States You mean?

We are having a construction in Rajasthan, Jodhpur and we are Upcoming in a big way in Goa.

Tell us something about your work, Sir?

We are into Real estate basically into Construction. We have constructed quite a few projects in Thane and we are looking into township development into two or three tear cities in the near future.

Any names of your projects in Thane you would like to share?

Thane we have 3 to 4 projects on which we have worked like Nitin casting compound, Prestige Park which is just next to kaushaliya, one Bungalow project in Ghodbunder that is prestige Valley and Prestige Residency which is currently ongoing.

Do you need to do any homework for this field?

No. we are into this field from a long time. Myself I am into Real estate for about a decade and a half, so we do not need to do any specific homework regarding that. We have our goals identified like I said We want to have more of Residential constructions happening in Thane predominantly, or across various 2 or 3 tear cities. We are looking at developing more townships all types of segments.

So what extra effort you would be putting for your work?

No. We are always into Research markets, survey markets. I think what the customer wants, Identification of customer needs and trying to improvise in terms of clients, in terms of space, in terms of location and in terms of amenities, features that we give in a project. We need to buid more Functional homes as regarding to space utilization. These are the things where we have got innovative and we are sure that with our next project we will come to meet a new radius in trying to address all the problems in team, customers who face and the customers expectations regarding more functional areas, pricing. We will try to address those and come out with more value added products.

Are You getting the Right response you have dreamed about?

We are getting an overwhelming response in Thane, simply because our pricing is very competitive. We always deliver priority between the value and worth. Value is what they pay and worth is what the clients get. so always try that our prices are not very inflated, its very realistic price as regarding the location and amenities we offer. we have a very firm pricing policy.

We have a survey of 80 plus projects in thane, accordingly we arrive at the prices which are very competitive. Our pricing policy is well established in the market, but we don't negotiate at the prices at the same time we keep it very competitive because of which we have made a good brand image in the market. People's perception about our company is more of quality from pricing policy, this helps in taking a decision faster and we have seen that our projects sell at a much faster rate than what surrounding projects get sold. So we have got an overwhelming response and we are happy the way things are going. Customers faith in us has increased.

Sir, you mean to say proper pricing and good quality are giving you the business?

Certainly. Any specific achievements you would like to share? During the launch itself two of our projects are in the print state and we have sold them on the print stage, that itself is an achievement. I know most builders have still some inventory left after the building is fully ready, In our case at inception itself we sold the entire building, that by itself is an achievement.

So with the competitions in the market how do you stand apart from the rest?

As I told you quality in comparison to the prices both are on the bar. We have more value added projects in which we have versatility in terms of functionality, quality and pricing which we have kept it very competitive. We ensure that whenever we launch a new project the brand image that we have created so far in selling flat before it is actually started taking place. We ensure that we get more of that trusted client. Most of the sales happen through people who already purchased a flat previously.

Like somebody buying the flat are happy with the way we have conducted, he is happy with the pricing, he gets his friends and relatives, so we have investment very little in advertisement. Whereas more of our sales have been through the word of mouth and Clients to whom we have already sold our, the way we have kept them happy. So we need not worry about launch of future projects because we know that our existing clients will have a major role in making us successful in whatever we launch.

What is your opinion about the feature of real estate in Thane?

Feature of real estate in Thane is very bright because I believe real estate is a need based industry. Its a ever-growing market especially in Ghodbunder stretch and one-third of the land area in Thane is forested and there is now a lot of scope for the further development both in terms of open spaces and emerging real estate destination. Along the Ghodbunder road there are lot of mega malls coming up which were absent there a few years back. At the aghodbunder road there are more 5 flyovers which are about to come up, basically Majiwada, Manpada, Kapurbawdi, etc. These 5 flyovers coming up will ease the traffic considerably.

Time taken will be reduced by another 40% or so. The mumbai market seems to be the higher side. Thane is the next best destination where you can have connectivity through road and rail as well. Western is connected through Ghodbunder road, central is there and kalyan is also connected through Highways. Tm t Luxury buses are also been flied in Thane. Infrastructure is good with the metro rail coming up. Accessibility has also increased multifariously. So future as compare to rates for 1bhk anything less than 40 lac’s is very difficult. Future of real estate in thane seems to be very bright.

Sir, if not this field what would you have been otherwise?

I have really not thought about any other profession. This has been my way of life since a decade and a half. I always had a passion for real estate. What my like has been what my profession is about. Which is why I can't think anything other than real estate. This is what my interest have been fortunately I have landed in a job in my interest that keeps my passion still alive.

What is the percentage of work satisfaction you get, sir?


What are your future plans?

We want to grow in real estate and get as many projects as possible, we like to build townships. Our focus will be to take projects in Thane. We are trying to branch out other cities where we can acquire few check of lands and convert them into townships. Predominantly suitable to lower middle class. Now the definition of middle-class has also increased over a period of time. Formally in middle-class people we categorize people looking for houses for about 20-25 lac's, 40-50 lac's is now what is middle class Definition of middle-class has now increased over a period of time considering the inflation, cost of living across. Across the globe but predominantly in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta. Inflated costs have redefined the concept of middle-class. So we are looking to construct townships for lower midd-class, upper middle-class.

All the three categorize would be included in your project?

All the three categorize have to be included

Any message you would like to give to Thaneites?

General message is that all the builders are doing their best, giving quality construction prices have been varying from features, amenities. What message I would like to give to Thaneites is to co-operate with civic authorities. Even in Thane in the railway station is supposed to be re-generated. Try to maintain them properly as they maintain their home properly. Hopefully Thane will be a much better place to live in.

Prescon Realtors & Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd.

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