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Cholesterol - Don't Fight It, Just Eat Smart

Eat healthy to regulate cholestro
Age catches on fast and health issues even faster. It is widely known that you are what you eat and to avoid any health lapses it is important to maintain a balanced diet. Cholesterol levels in a human body determine the health of the person, therefore the risk and effect of the variations is a very common health hazard. Cholesterol is a synthesized product within our body; many still think it is something we get solely from what we eat. The basic logic in balancing it is that your body already generates a certain amount for sustainability and will not be able to use too much of it coming from outside. This excess amount only sticks to your body since it's absolutely redundant and ends up blocking the normal flow of blood. That's why a balanced diet is imperative.

Now there are people who have abnormally high or low levels of cholesterol. LDL also known as "Bad Cholesterol" is the most frequent health issue faced. These abnormal levels of cholesterol can be regulated in our body. Here are a few simple home food remedies you can try.

Almonds - Little Drops of Heaven!
These eye shaped nuts can help in keeping your cholesterol numbers looking good. Just adding about two and a half ounces of almonds in your daily diet can help you lower the risk of lifestyle diseases. It also helps in maintaining a sustained weight loss as compared to other low fat diets. Oh let's not forget all the protein and the Vitamin E that it brings with it. It is suggested that to get the best out of almonds they must be soaked overnight and the skin peeled before consumption. No wonder the Italians love their sugar coated almonds and our very own "Thandai" filled with almonds especially consumed during winter keeps our bodies warm. So go nuts this season!

Oatmeal - Mr. Breakfast
The most common breakfast participant is Oatmeal. Like other fibre-filled food this helps in lowering blood cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease. This high content carbohydrate and vitamin breakfast friend is the best way to stay slim and yet keep a good health record. The Scottish love Oatmeal and their famous breakfast recipe is porridge with raisins. To add flavour you may even add some maple syrup and cinnamon.

Garlic - Swallow the bad boys to fight "bad cholesterol"!
Proven anti-oxidant garlic helps the body regulate excess cholesterol effectively. For centuries it has been areputed assistant to the heart. Therefore, don't mind the smell, cook it up and make it a part of your meal to save your heart!

Wheatgrass juice - Go Green and mean on cholesterol!
This is a high fibre diet that is suggested to reduce any risk of cardiovascular diseases. Wheatgrass has a positive effect on the intestines and is also extremely good for your heart. Make it part of your daily diet and maintain the a good balance of vitamins and minerals in your body. A simple way to drink this is with honey and lime. So do not think twice - go green right away.

Apples - An apple a day!
The world agrees eating an apple a day can keep us away from illness. It is not just the fibre that an apple contains that's good for you. Its high levels of antioxidants help curb the influx of radicals and keep your skin, heart, liver and intestines in splendid condition.

Beans - The Magical Deal
Beans are high-fibre solution for cholesterol. A cup of any kind of beans like black, chickpea, kidney or butterbeans a day can form a perfect blend in a balanced diet. You can soak them and cook or just add them in a salad with a little olive oil. They make divine stuffing in the potatoes as well.

Think Green and keep your heart clean Bad Cholesterol can be lowered by consuming a balanced diet full of with antioxidants and high fibre content. Flaxseed bread is a highly recommended substitute to the normal bread and also use Olive oil in cooking to avoid the fat. Lastly eat heartily and live heartily!

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