FEATURE 19 January 2013

Lasting Memorial Options

It's natural to feel as though the world is crumbling beneath you as you endure the grieving process. Many wish to keep a reminder of their loved one nearby, traditionally in the form of a gravestone.

In previous generations, gravestones were the memorial tributes that Americans would visit to honor and remember the deceased. Cremation has become far more common in modern times due to the cost of a traditional burial, as well as the environmental impact. With American families becoming more spread out across the country, it has also become much harder for many to visit the graves of their loved ones. In these cases, it can be helpful to have a smaller memorial nearby. Remembrance gifts can provide a convenient way to honor and remember the dead.

For remembering a lost loved one, many often look for remembrance gifts that will last for years, or even a lifetime. Here are some memorial tributes that will last:

Handmade Remembrance Gifts
Memorial tributes can support American artists as well as provide a way of remembering a lost loved one. One such artisan company, Shine On Brightly, produces urns, vases, textile art and paintings for memorial gifts. They can even incorporate the ashes of your loved one into memorial gifts, such as glass pieces with swirls of ashes within the design.

Custom Memorial Jewelry
Memorial jewelry is a way of remembering a lost loved one that you can carry with you every day. There are many types of memorial jewelry, including glass necklaces, bracelets and earrings, within which a loved one's ashes can be incorporated. The ashes often form a beautiful swirling pattern within the glass, making these very unique and special memorial gifts. There are also memorial necklaces available in the form of a small silver container to carry the ashes of a loved one.

A LifeGem Diamond
The ashes of a loved one can be infused into the hardest stone on earth: a diamond. A LifeGem diamond is identical to a natural diamond, except it is made from the carbon of a loved one's ashes or hair. This diamond can then be incorporated in any way that you would use another diamond, such as in a piece of jewelry. A LifeGem diamond is one of the few memorial gifts that can truly last forever.

Living Memorial Plants
If you are remembering a lost loved one with a strong connection to nature, living memorial tributes are a great way to honor their memory. Plant a tree, shrub or perennial bulb in a special place to remind you of them. You can also place their ashes in the soil beneath the plant to nurture it as it grows.

Online Memorial Services
Online memorials are a way of remembering a lost loved one that is both affordable and easy to share with others who may be far away. Online memorial tributes often include pictures, stories and songs about the loved one. Memorial sites often offer a free option for an online memorial, allowing you to honor the deceased and share their memory.

Regardless of the way you go about remembering a lost loved one, memorial tributes can serve as a therapeutic way to weather the healing process.

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