FEATURE 15 February 2010

Scarves- A Most Wonderful Accessory

Get stylish this winter with this highly adaptable accessory
Scarves have been a fashion accessory since time immemorial - well, not quite - the ancient Romans were perhaps the first to adorn themselves with scarves, then called 'sudarium' which literally means sweat cloth. The scarf soon became a symbol of fashion among the rugged roman men, who either wore it around their necks or knotted it to their belts. From then on, the scarf has never looked back and has steadily been securing its place in the lives of the fashion-conscious as well as the more casual lot around the world independent of age, sex, religion, culture, caste or creed.

Although the scarf has been a permanent fixture in the wardrobes of people across the globe, the styles, as is the case with most clothing, is constantly changing. December is the perfect month to sport a scarf in India. Whether it's at the workplace or at a coffee shop with friends or even at the noon show of that film you've been wanting to watch, scarves are just waiting to be thrown around your neck or tied to your handbag. They're dressy, but subtly so.

According to Bangalore-based fashion designer, Helena, metallic shades of blue and purple, animal prints, checks and stripes are all the rage this season and pay the perfect compliment to casual attire. For the career woman, a silk or cashmere scarf teamed with their formal or work attire would work wonders.

Celebrities like Shakira, Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker and Leighton Meester are a few among many that have sported scarves with animal prints. Courtney Cox was spotted with an electric purple scarf around her neck - needless to say she looked stunning. Indian women according to Helena have always been adventurous with colour. Bright colours are always in season especially among younger Indian women.

Apart from the scarves themselves, what adds to the look is the way the scarf is tied.

A Perfect 'Square'
A square scarf is folded in half so as to form a triangle. It is then placed in front of the neck, with the apex facing down. The ends are wrapped around the neck with each end made to hang in front.

The 'Tuck'
The scarf is wrapped around the neck as many times as possible. The ends are then tucked underneath.

Boho Chic
The scarf is stretched in front of the neck as well as the back and the ends are then made to hang in front.

Team 'Scarf-Handbag'
The happy duo of scarf and handbag - the scarf is knotted to the handle of the bag.

Casual Chic
The scarf is placed around the neck and left to hang loosely in front.

Timeless 'Classic'
The scarf is loosely wrapped around the neck, with one end in front and the other end dangling at the back.

Simply Stylish
The scarf is folded in half, bringing the ends together. The folded scarf is then draped behind the neck, with each end hanging in front. The free end is pulled through the looped-end.

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