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Mahanagar Gas Registration and Tariff Card

Tariff Card for Domestic Piped Natural Gas Connection effective from July 18, 2009

Sr. No.




Application Charges

Rs. 500/- per Registration


Refundable Interest free Security Deposit

Rs. 5000/- per Registration


Refundable Interest Free Gas Consumption

Rs. 500/- per registration


Deposit (Commodity)

Rs. 13.60 per Std Cubic Meter (SCM) inclusive of taxes in Mumbai
Rs. 13.67 per SCM inclusive of taxes in MiraBhayendar


PNG Retail Selling Price

Rs. 13.65 per SCM inclusive of taxes in Thane
Rs. 13.74 per SCM inclusive of taxes in Navi Mumbai


Delayed Payment Charges

16% per annum or Minimum Rs.25/- whichever.
(Interest rate) is higher


Shortfall for consumption (Minimum charges)

At least Rs. 25/- per month is charged as 6 shortfall for consumption


Cheque Bouncing Charges

Rs. 200/- per transaction


Charges for Transfer of PNG User Name

Rs. 250/- per transfer

Note: Application Charges shall be non refundable.
The amount of Security Deposit is provisional and collected for safe keeping of PNG equipments installed after Meter control Valve inside the Customer’s Premises. The security deposit is refundable subject to receipt of PNG equipments in serviceable condition.
Cheque bouncing charges are payable without prejudice to MGL’s other rights to take necessary actions as per applicable laws.
Incase of death of the consumer, no transfer charges shall be payable for transfer of connection to the legal heir MGL reserves right to revise the tariff in accordance with the terms & conditions contained in the registration form.

Disclaimer: The above information is part of Standard Terms & Conditions accepted by customer at the time of registration and stands amended as and when the T& C gets modified.

Contact Address:
101 & 102, Landmark Arcade,
Eastern Express Highway,
Louis Wadi, Thane (West).
Tel : 25831950 /98
Fax : 25826560

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