FEATURE 18 December 2012

Choosing Where To Live

Location, Location!
Location is so important. You have the opportunity to maximise your investment by choosing a block that's close to everything you need and well connected to public transport. Smart investors know this protects them from the effects of rising petrol prices and increased traffic congestion.

Being able to walk or cycle to shops, schools and public transport not only makes life easier but healthier too. A better location might mean a smaller block - or even a different style of home - but maybe it's worth it when you think about everyday travel times and convenience.

Did you know that the way your home sits on your block can have an impact on your energy bills?
When you're looking at different blocks consider how you could position a home so that it's naturally warm in winter and cool in summer. Blocks with their long side facing north can be ideal - this makes it easy to position a home so it will have a sunny northerly aspect. Blocks with their back facing north can also be good, making it easy to provide the back garden and living areas with a northerly aspect. It also pays to look for blocks with good access to cooling breezes, especially in warm climates.

No matter which way your block faces you can still get a good outcome - just as long as you choose a suitable home design.

Choosing where to live

  • Suburbs or estates our family is considering:

  • Will we be close to everything we need - shops, schools, parks, public transport, etc?

  • Our location 'must haves'

  • Best location for us would be

  • Will we be able to position a home on our block so it has good access to sun, ideally with the long side or back facing north (or close to north)?

  • Will any neighbouring buildings have an effect on our block's privacy, views or access to winter sun?

  • Best block for us

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