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Thane web providing information about Womens world in Thane. We give information about Beauty parlour & Spa, Boutique and Ladies Tailor in Thane. We also give address of Yoga Classes and Jewellerie Shop in Thane Thane City portal providing information about Women's world in Thane. We provide Women's World information on thane city portal. We give information for Beauty tips like 8 natural tips from your kitchen in Thane, winter care for hands and feet, Cool Tricks on De-puffing Your Eye Bags, etc. We provide information for best cookery classes in thane. Jewellery Shops for women in Thane. We give information for Yoga classes to fitness and adventure activities for women. Ladies Tailor and readymade ladies garments in thane. To know more about Women's World in Thane, Contact us at info@thaneweb.com

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Home Remedies for Hair Fall

It is perfectly normal to lose some amount of hair on a daily basis, but when you start to notice huge chunks of hair clogging the drain every time you wash your hair; it is time to pay attention. Excess hair fall over time can cause hair thinning or even bald patches.

8 natural beauty tips from your kitchen

We are creations of nature. There is nothing 'ugly' among nature's creations. The judgment of grades of beauty lies ...
(May 13, 2013)

Winter Care For Hands And Feet

The skin on the back of the hands is thin and has few oil glands. The hands also come in contact with soaps ...
(Dec 27, 2012)

Eyelash Growth For Unmatched Beauty

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Some Tips on a Way to Grow Eyelashes

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Cool Tricks on De-puffing Your Eye Bags

After crying a river of tears, having too much booze the night before, or spending little time for sleep

Healthy Pregnancy

Your body absorbs more calcium from food during the last two trimesters of pregnancy to help your baby

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Kitchen Equipments in Thane

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Simran Navani
Meher Fashions 
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Tina Khushalani
Spa & Family Salon

My Special interest is mostly into make-ups. I want to build my own spa which

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