23-06-2019 - 29-06-2019

You may find this week quite ordinary; there are no major changes. Employees may face some ups and downs and get more burden of work. Your financial condition would be normal and there are no major expenses during this time. You may face some issues for your child’s admission process. Your partner may not support you as per your expectation during this time, and you may have to face some struggles with your family members as well. For your business, you may get some foreign deals or attend some important meetings. Your employees are likely to support you. Students would find this week in their favor. As a student, if you want to go to music or film line, your dreams would come true this week. You may get accidental admission in your desired freed. It is advisable for you to do light exercise or yoga to keep your mind focused. You may meet your old friends during this time and revive your old memories. If there are any issues in your relationship, it may get resolved during this time. If you have any health issues, you should consult a doctor at regular intervals. If you have any property related matters, it may move forward very slowly.