November 2019

There are possibilities that you may have to face loss or damage to your company in the business. You may have to keep a reserve fund or sufficient amount in spare in case of shortage of money to meet urgent expenses. This month may prove favourable for those looking to switch jobs. It would be wise to take an opportunity that comes your way as it will offer better prospects. You may also be seen investing in lucrative deals during this phase. In terms of your personal life, your spouse is likely to be extremely supportive of everything you do. However, singles may often find themselves arguing with their beloved over petty matters. You are advised to keep you cool and not let little things hamper your peace of mind. However, towards the month-end, things will settle down, and the two of you will enjoy ample time together. Planetary positions around the mid-month will be supportive, and the progressive forces will also work effectively. Some major development seems in the offing. Health-wise, no significant issue can be foreseen. However, it would be best to take measures to lead a healthy lifestyle.