19-05-2019 - 25-05-2019

This week is going to be a roller coaster ride for love and relations. Sometimes up and sometimes way down! Misunderstandings might be created with either your brother or father. The period is not very good for people suffering from cardiac diseases or mental ailments. The week is full of positivity and growth opportunities for salaried employees of private organizations. Those in search of better jobs may also be successful. Government employees may also get a promotion at work. The week favors those who are specifically in the import and export business. Clothing, diamond, and stationery businesses may be particularly profitable. This is also going to be a very joyous time with your family and children. Misunderstandings within the family may be eliminated. The week is very promising as far as wealth and property matters are concerned. Those intending to purchase a new farmhouse or engage in the agriculture business may be successful.