17-03-2019 - 23-03-2019
This week may provide you with average results. You may witness ups and downs in your relationship; there are chances of a break-up as well. Thus, it’s advisable for you and your partner to have some understanding and solve the issues. By the middle of this week, your issues would get resolved with your partner. There are no major health complications for you during this time. Your thoughts may wander on various paths. You may require living far from your family for your career. The chances of a foreign business trip are high this week. People in business may indulge in new exploration, and may even get success in it. You would try to increase your income sources. Your relationship with your family may prosper, but there are chances of some differences at the end of this week. You might incur expenses on renovating your home. It’s advisable for you to double check documents before buying a home. Students may be able to concentrate well on their studies, but they should take the utmost care of their health. Your married and sexual life would prove to be positive during this week.