17-03-2019 - 23-03-2019
For your health, this week may provide you with average results. You may feel restless and stressed during this week. If you have any diseases, it's advisable for you to get it checked with a doctor. Professionals may be able to perform well during this week and move ahead in the way of success. There are chances of promotions during this week for employees. Your productivity and dedication would increase during this time. If you want to expand your business or want to start something new, this week will favour greatly. You may get success in the stock market which may increase your bank balance. You would be able to get some financial benefits by selling your property. There are chances of you buying a new vehicle during this time. Your married life would become prosperous during this week. If you are planning for foreign education, you may be able to do so during this time. For your family and children, this week may favour you greatly. Students would be able to concentrate well on their studies. Overall, this week would be full of ups and downs for your life.