17-03-2019 - 23-03-2019
This week would provide you with many ups and downs and in your life. The beginning of this week may favour your relationship. However, there are chances of some bitterness in your relationship during the ending days of this week. Your positive thoughts would favour you during this period. There are chances of a business trip this week. It is advisable for you to control your aggressiveness in order to avoid any disputes during this time. There are chances of a headache and insomnia. If you keep your self-esteem high, you would be able to save yourself from many issues. There are chances of accidents during this period, thus it is advisable for you to drive your vehicle carefully. People in finance or CA field would require being cautious during this week. This period may not favour you for buying a new vehicle or invest your money. For your family and children, this week may prove average. Students would require working hard to get expected results. Overall, this week may prove average for you.