19-05-2019 - 25-05-2019

You may be prone to severe mood swings this week. You may feel down and low one day and full of positive radiance the next day! Try to complete all pending tasks during the midweek, as there is every possibility that these works may not get accomplished during the weekend. Procrastination is certainly not going to be helpful. Do not get involved in any activities that are anti-government. Stick to soft, gentle and clear words while communicating. There is every chance of being misunderstood. The period is brimming with intimate love and romance. Be prepared for financial benefits coming your way. The initial days of the week are fruitfully profitable for those businesspersons dealing in arts, agriculture, beauty products, and real estate. Those intending to get a suitable proposal for marriage may get good news this week. Even marriage during this period is a strong probability.