19-05-2019 - 25-05-2019

The week assures great physical health for you. Your level of fitness may be in top form. Keep up the good work! You may notice all the lethargy within you has diminished. Your mental efficiency may invite more and more success. The results may be moderate for those seeking a different career path or business diversification. Businesspersons may need to conclude business deals with extreme care, precaution, and perfect documentation. Not doing so could result in massive losses, especially on the 19th, 23rd and 25th. Businesspersons may develop new and useful contacts which would eventually open up avenues for business expansion. Do not expect this to happen overnight. Recruiting new staff to increase production and work efficiency is always a good idea. There is a high probability of an unexpected financial benefit. Quick decisions regarding sales of a property or vehicle would prove to be profitable in the longer run. Problematic bad debts may be recovered.