17-03-2019 - 23-03-2019
You may act stubborn and aggressive during this week. Your relationship with your mother may prosper during this time. You are likely to get positive results in matters related to land and house this week. You would require working hard and with full dedication in order to get success during this period. You are likely to get success in your job and business during this week. You may get a transfer and/or promotion in your job. Your relationship with your employer or seniors would get smoother. You may even get an award or certificate during this time. If you've invested in the stock market, you would require great knowledge in order to gain some profit. For finance related matters, this week would favour you. For your family related matters, this week may pass with great peace and happiness. You and your life partner may be able to spend some quality time together. Your relationship with your friends, relatives, and neighbours may require additional care. You are likely to take some risk in your business. Your wealth and property may increase during this period. Overall, this week may prove highly positive for you.