19-05-2019 - 25-05-2019

Overall, this week is a bundle of joy, fun, happiness, adventure and financial security! All issues that have been bothering you may slowly seem to ebb away. Love and romance may blossom. Your mutual affection towards each other may be on a completely new level this week. Maturity in your marital life may be at its peak. Any problems of the past that have been disturbing you and your partner may slowly resolve. Family members may co-operate with you completely and wholeheartedly. You may tactfully solve all the problems related to children. You may successfully retain a fun-filled environment at home. Salaried employees can expect wholehearted cooperation from superiors at work. Students may excel at academics during this period. They may be presented with plenty of opportunities to grow. This week may be financially rewarding as well. Younger brothers and sisters may help resolve any issues that you may face. Inherited properties may be extremely rewarding; thereby helping your wealth to increase substantially.