23-06-2019 - 29-06-2019

There are chances of some small misunderstandings in your relationship during this week, which may get worse if you don't take proper care. Your relationship with your father, friends, or seniors may ask you for being cautious. There are no major changes for your health and fitness, though you may feel a little stress or uneasiness. If you are in a private company, the chances of you going on a foreign trip or a trip to another city are really high. If you have an import/export business, this week may favor you. Your children would support you financially during this time, which may give you a sense of satisfaction. You would be able to stay happy with their career and educational progress. For your wealth and property, there are no major changes that you may buy a property but you may get some advantages in terms of property from your in-laws. Students are likely to study with full concentration during this time and feel like reading religious books as well. For your married life, there are no major complications or fights between you and your partner. You may witness adorable bonding and intimacy between you and your partner.