19-05-2019 - 25-05-2019

The week may bless you with physical fitness and mental bliss at the same time. You may develop an artistic and musical inclination and your interest in various forms of arts may blossom. Your logical skills may be sharpened, enabling you to perform better at your workplace. Always stick to a soft and gentle speech so as not to create any misunderstandings within the family. Beware of accidents, especially electrical currents, and burns, during the initial days of the week. You may need to spend money on younger siblings or incur travel expenses. Traveling during this week could be full of difficulties, hence do not travel unless absolutely necessary. For students, the week seems to be very bright! Overall interest in academics may increase. Students may be blessed with undivided focus and attention, enabling them to perform much better. Unmarried couples may plan romantic dates and outings.