19-05-2019 - 25-05-2019

Luck is on your side this week. If you have a company who is interested in the spiritual side may be able to join in deep knowledge of the subject. You may have a heavy workload but you may have a high chance of success. Your attention may be directed toward financial matters. You may not be completely successful in getting desired respect however hard you try. You may be worried about your family. You may try to save money but not be successful. You may have to spend money on family, or religious functions. Your money may be blocked. There are chances of getting unexpected benefits. You may also profit from shares. You may get good profits if you are ready to take risks. In midweek carefully think about the steps you take. You may be very sensitive at the weekend. This week shows you succeed in the fields of marketing, sales communication, customer care, consultation etc because of your excellent communication skills.