5 Things Every Student Should Do After Exams


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5 Things Every Student Should Do After Exams

Exams have been a flurry of timetables, checklists, flash cards and heartache. Here’s one more checklist for excellent things you can do after your exams. Because you deserve it!

Plan a trip somewhere

Jump on a train or get in the car and get away from everything that is exam-related. Be it with your friends or family, exploring a new place is always exciting. Go to a famous city, or trek in the hills amidst the scenic beauty of nature. Safari and adventure sports can be thrilling for some.

Catch up on movies/books/tv series that you missed

You might have missed out on so many new releases because of your exams. Unfinished books are not pleasant at all. Binge watch that tv series that you might have put a hold on. ‘Modern Family’ isn’t going to watch itself…

Let your creative juices flow

Time to use those brushes and tubes of paint. Write a poem, make music or even make a scrapbook. There are so many hobbies you can involve yourself into. Photography, mastering martial arts, singing, learning a new music instrument, are some examples.

Start your own YouTube Channel

All you need is a camera in working condition and your amazing self. Get an idea or two from famous vloggers online and start your own. See what you can share with the world. You’ll learn how to record videos using different camera angles, edit a video and post it online.

Play sports and games

Many of you might have had to give up your favourite sport owing to academic pressures. Playing sports is like a breath of fresh air. Be it cricket, badminton, football or even basketball, sports is a great stress buster. Join swimming classes, zumba or any dance class to keep yourself fit and ready for another year at school.

Source: www.meritnation.com

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