7 Lakes Of Thane You Can Chill At!

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Thane City is one of the seven cities in the Thane Taluka (District). While it falls under a different district, it lies right next to Mumbai and falls under the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. The place is surrounded by as many as 35 lakes and is known as the City of Lakes. Some natural, some man-made. The city is green and has cleaner air, and the lakes add to the charm of Thane. Today we are telling you about the seven lakes you should be heading to when visiting Thane.

1. Masunda lake

This beautiful lake is located on the East side of Thane, in the heart of the city. It is surrounded by important historic places like Gadkari Rangayatan, St. John church, Kopineshwar temple, and Jambli market. People go there for boating, tonga rides, to munch on bhelpuri and indulge in other touristy things the place to offer.

2. Kachrali Lake

Spread across 2 hectares, it is situated bang opposite the civic headquarters. This is a restored water body and at night it lights up to be even more beautiful. Youngsters and senior citizens often prefer to chill by this lake.

3. Makhmali Lake

With an area of about one hectare, this lake is comparatively smaller. But it is beautiful nonetheless. As the name suggests, makhmali which literally means smooth, this smooth lake body is near the Uthalsar Ward office. It has a marriage hall in the background and at night when it is lit, it is a sight to behold. It also has a small garden area.

4. Upvan Lake

This is touted to be the most beautiful lake in the city. With Yeoor hills set against as a backdrop, it is located at the foothills of Thane's hill station. This lake is especially popular amongst young couples. It is a lover's lake.

5. Bramhala Lake

It is one of the oldest lakes of Thane and was revamped a few years ago. Post the uplift, a jogger’s track added, the garden is pruned and maintained regularly, this lake is breathtaking. People who seek calmness, head here and spend some time by it. It is opposite Babubhai Petrol Pump in Uthalsar Ward Committee.

6. Jail Lake

Bang opposite the Post Office beside Jail Water Tank in Uthalsar Ward committee, is this lake that is spread over an area of 1.43 hectare. The reason it is called Jail Lake is because it is next to the Jail. It was earlier called Castle Tank. It has been beautified and looks very pretty during sunrise and sunset.

7. Siddeshwar Lake

It is situated right next to the Siddeshwar Mandir, hence the name. The lake is huge and spread over 3 hectares. People often come and spend time in the evening here and then head to the temple nearby. Not only these, but other lakes like Shill Lake, Railadevi Lake, Hariyali Lake, Kharegaon Lake and more are also very pretty and very popular too.

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